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Rogue Nin · 3mo

hi would you consider orochimaru related content for this zine since they are only ex-member of Akatsuki? thank you

Hey! We allow any character who has been a member of the Akatsuki at any point in time to be the focus of a piece, Orochimaru included 💜

Rogue Nin · 4mo

hi, in your Questions section you mentioned that smut isn't allowed for characters 12 or under. Could you elaborate on that? It's alright for characters who are minors but over 12?

Hey! Seeing as most of the characters are teenagers in Shippuden, smut featuring characters who've entered their teens will be permitted in the NSFW zine, even if they're still minors 💜

To be clear, this zine does not support censorship.

Rogue Nin · 4mo

Hey! It says fics/poems will accompany comics/art. Which way does it go? Will one be first and the other made to match? Do an artist & writer team up & do something for the same topic at the same time?
Oh, and will we be allowed to share our works publicly eventually & if so, when?
Thank you in advance!

Rogue Nin · 4mo

I was gonna apply but when I looked up the mods the head mod hasnt shipped their first zine and has three more already started. Can anyone vouch for them not to be another runner? Thanks.

Rogue Nin · 4mo

I am not sure if I already applied or only filled out the interest check. How do I find out?

Hey! Just go ahead and message off anon through either tumblr or twitter with the email you would've used to apply and the role(s) you would've applied to and we can check for you 💜

Rogue Nin · 4mo

Who are the mods? I don't think the page is updated??

Hey! The carrd hasn't been updated yet, but you'll find the mods followed on the zine twitter 💜

Rogue Nin · 4mo

I couldn't tell at all who this zine was about, had to go all the way into your contributor info doc in your application forms to finally see "Naruto" because while I thought it was Akatsuki from Naruto, I wasn't too sure...I think it might help to have"Akatsuki from Naruto" somewhere on your socials (I came through twitter, idk about other platforms) because it's not clear at all.

Hey nonny! Your feedback is much appreciated. Sorry to hear there was some confusion with the name! We'll consider adding a mention on the carrd homepage 💜

Rogue Nin · 5mo

Hi there! I just saw the post about having a Naruto sample. I'm so sorry, I applied for merch artist and I didn't include a Naruto sample. Should I resubmit or contact the mods?

Hey! The simplest thing to do is resubmit and we'll take your most recent application as the one to go over 💜

Rogue Nin · 5mo

Hello! Similarly to what someone else had asked, do we need to include art samples that are horror based? And do they need to be Naruto/Akatsuki related?

Hey! At least one sample should be related to Naruto, but otherwise, your samples can be from any genre and fandom 💜

Additionally, at least one sample should be in the format you're applying for, which is to say: if you want to create a comic, at least one sample submitted should be a comic, if you want to create merch, at least one sample submitted should be a merch design.

Rogue Nin · 5mo

another questions; for the writings samples, does each sample have to be within the 2k-5k words range? or is that the total word count for all three samples?

Rogue Nin · 5mo

hi! maybe i'm just misunderstanding, but the sample submitting section in the writer application form is confusing me? what do i link to, a google doc, a pdf file? can i put all 3 samples in the same document and label them as needed?

Hey! Google docs are definitely the easiest thing to link, but you're also welcome to link to PDF files (or any other file format that doesn't require a special program to open) if that's what you prefer. We do, however, ask that you separate your samples into three individual files. Let us know if you have any other questions! 💜

Rogue Nin · 5mo

Quick question! Do the writing samples that I submit for the fic author application have to be horror-focused?

Hey! Not at all, if you have any horror focused samples we'd love to see them, but it's not a requirement 💜

Rogue Nin · 5mo

Hi quick question! Will ship art, vague or the main focus, between the duos be allowed? Like kisaita, kakuhida, etc?

In the SFW zine, ships are allowed but are not the main focus. In the NSFW zine, most work will likely be focused on ships ❤️

Rogue Nin · 5mo

What's the differences between sfw and nsfw for this zine? I feel every zine always has different rules. A lot of servers I've been in consider horror itself nsfw.. also some consider Male characters with Big tits also nsfw even tho male. So I'd definitely like more clarification for what counts as each area for this. (If this was posted and I missed it my bad. Tried to read all the posts before asking this)

Hey, for the purposes of this project, NSFW is defined as explicit sexual content. Which is to say, the SFW zine will allow heavy themes of violence, gore, etc. but won't be focused on explicit sexual encounters (though ships are allowed), whereas the NSFW zine will be focused on explicit sexual content specifically ❤️ As for art, the SFW zine won't allow full-frontal nudity, but anything goes in the NSFW zine.

Rogue Nin · 5mo

Hi! I noticed that the application for authors/poets is just called the poet application. As someone who is just submitting a writers application, did I submit to the correct form?

Hey, a typo on our part! The application is for both authors and poets and the title has been corrected, you submitted the right one ❤️

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