She was made by the serene melodies that played through the dawn, echoing softly to realms as the sun shone through the day and the moon gleamed through the night.

Great Acheron
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Those who tell the tale will either save the cat or kill it with words.


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elgrean asked 2 months ago

Thoughts on Elgrean. :)

Eldirza Ravinsky asked 2 months ago

Followback sekalian thoughts on Eldirza ;)

A follow’s been sent hours ago! Dirza is an amiable person who will trap you in a silly-confusing-but-funny conversation with no hesitation, although it’s your first time talking with him. A genuine and generous person, even to strangers (real, waktu itu kita baru kenal tapi kamu sebaik itu coy). It's entertaining having many conversations with you about literally anything! We can go from rocket science topics to the most inconsequential things in one go, yet it’s still enjoyable! It’s a blessing for me to meet you in my second life here. Tolong temenan sama aku sampai anak aku punya cucu.

Laskar Biru Shailendra. asked 2 months ago · 10 answers

Haai, kalian lagi join agency atau nggak, nih? (⁠ ⁠◜⁠‿⁠◝⁠ ⁠)⁠♡

Eh, apalah arti main RP kalau gak join agency? 🥺 Aku aja agencyan, masa kamu enggak sih? Bangkit, Kayie. Pimpin lagi negeri ini.

elgrean asked 2 months ago

Menurut kamu...

Cipung itu lucu banget, adek kesayangan satu Indonesia, kesayangan Papsye dan Mamsye, temennya Dino Markono. Menurut aku, Cipung cocok sih jadi walikota Solo pas udah besar nanti. Menurut kamu gimana?

Laskar Biru Shailendra. asked 2 months ago

Teteh cayang

Dede ganteng, paling lucu, paling gemes, anak baik, anak pinter, kesayangan aku!

Laskar Biru Shailendra. asked 2 months ago · 17 answers

Gimana sih caranya bisa jadi akrab sama kamu? 😶‍🌫️

Caranya adalah jangan terlalu mikirin obrolan apa yang bakal bikin kita deket! Jujur aku tuh canggung deketin orang di awal aja tau, kayak aku takut orang ini gak suka kalau aku ajakin ngobrol ini itu. Padahal aku suka banget ngobrol sama orang, sampai jujur gapapa kalau kamu mau ajak aku bahas bentuk-bentuk kotoran sapi. 🥺 Oh iya! I wanna be trusted, if someone's put a little trust on me, aku pasti bakal ikutan gitu dan kita bisa jadi deket deh!

Misach Van. asked 8 months ago · 20 answers

What is your comfort food?

I love eating dumplings soup with ground chicken and sesame sauce (I usually use salad dressing) as the filling, bubur ayam and ayam geprek are my comfort food and saviour from confusion about what to eat.

Izar. asked 8 months ago

cat or puppy? anw follow me.

I love cats, but there’s no possibility of petting them as I can’t get too close to cats. Dogs are not my second option since I love them, too, and I am okay with dogs, so a dog is the safest answer!

Dee. asked 8 months ago

Laure, may I know what is the meaning of your Retrospring username?

Hi, Lu! It Bellumpulchrum means Beautiful War. It’s quite contradictive since no wars were beautiful, no? Well, it’s not like I referred to the literal war, where mass destructive weapons are used. Beautiful War here relates to women—me. Where women are beautiful creatures, they are soft and nurturing but be careful with their sharp minds, which is equally dangerous and deadly as war.

Yours truly, Lady B asked 8 months ago · 8 answers

Morning everyone! Kalian suka nonton series Bridgerton?

Good morning, Lady B! Too bad I haven’t watched it yet—yes, as lame as it may sound, but it is tough for me to watch a series full of beautiful people in one go. I also usually get bored in the middle of the show because of the neverending problems. Sorry, sorry. :(

‘ kaila ! ఇ asked 8 months ago · 28 answers

since most of them here are not my mutuals on twitter, so.. does anyone want to be my friends on twitter?

We already follow each other on Twitter! Good to see you everywhere. 🤍

berryl asked 8 months ago · 16 answers

Do you have a cat? what's his name?

Bonsoir, Berryl! I sadly don’t have any because I am allergic to cats. ☹️ Cats are cute but deadly (lovingly; still).

Aio asked 8 months ago · 11 answers

It's sunday! Any fun plans for today?

I was spending time with my family, busy doing this and that while laughing at one thing and two as almost everyone I love was there. I hope you enjoyed Sunday!

CH!A ♥︎ asked 8 months ago · 36 answers

when’s your birthday?

It’s around Christmas when the snow falls and but the warm embraces.

Mou. asked 8 months ago · 30 answers

satu kataaaa kalau lihat lilouuuu? 😻

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