You know sometimes in life, things just ain't meant to be.

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Anonymous Coward · 10mo

Nyoah lucu.

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

dear Noah! sometimes, all we can do is try to hold everything together and take it day by day, even when it seems fragile. it might not feel like you're doing enough, but showing up to life day after day takes a lot of strength. be strong! you can handle this!

:( kenapa buat aku terharu, terima kasih banyak yaa, sender! Terima kasih untuk semangat dan kalimat baiknya, it helps me a loooot. Ini aku udah lebih baik dari kemarin, semoga hal hal baik juga menghampiri kamu yaa. <3

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

halo Noah? what's your favorite scent?

Haii, apa ya.. lebih ke aroma buah mungkin ya? I've been using a lot of The Body Shop's product, dan jatuh cintanya sama yang wangi buah terutama strawberry, mangga juga! Cuma lebih suka yang strawberry.

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

hello! in case no one told you this yet, then i'll be the one telling you this; you're doing great, you've done your best, and amazing things are coming to you! :) 💫💛

Hey.. ini sendernya sama kayak yang sebelumnya bukan ya? I remember the 💫💛 emojis! Kalau iya, terima kasih yaa karena sudah menghampiri retrospringku untuk kedua kalinya, kalau bukan, tetap terima kasih! Hehehe. Semoga hal baiknya selalu berbalik ke kamu, anak baik. ❤️

J · 11mo

Yang mau macem macem sama Noah hadapi Nyoah dulu baru aku.

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

Serious question, kamu lagi naksir orang?

Anonymous Coward · 11mo


Anonymous Coward · 12mo

What is your favorite song lately?

Anonymous Coward · 12mo

hello, good person! just wanna remind you that you've been doing very well in everything. take care, and have an amazing day :) 💫💛

Heeey, terima kasih ya untuk remindernya, it means a lot to me. Semoga hal baik selalu datang ke sendernya ini, lucu banget. Take care, and have an amazing day anoonnn. 🤍

Yudha · 2 answers · 12mo

Followersku cuma Khalid dan Noah. Hi kalian.

Anonymous Coward · 12mo

Do you really think you deserve to be happy, Noah?

I do, karena memang.. begitu adanya. I deserve to be happy. Oh ya, I'll be happier in the future then I'll show you how happy I am. Everyone deserve to be happy, so.. stay mad, I guess?

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