Rosemary. ❤︎
Barbie’s Dreamhouse, Malibu.
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Cherub. · 11mo

I will always waiting for you to look at me.

Cherub. · 11mo

Recommend me some Barbie movies!

Cherub. · 11mo

You're such a kind hearted person, Rosie. Always bringing positive vibes wherever you go. Literally a mood booster and the laughter you've shared for me. Thank you for existing, beautiful ones.

another sweet words for me.. thank you, anon! i really love to knowing the truth that i bring positivity for others, since i’m not really feeling that way.. this encouraging me so much!

Cherub. · 11mo

Buat siapapun orang yang akan jadi teman atau bahkan pacarnya Oyi please treat her well karena Oyi deserves all the good things in this world. Jangan nyakitin Oyi atau gue akan datengin kalian satu-satu! Oyi baik, Oyi lucu pokoknya kalian harus baik baikin Oyi juga. (OYI KALAU ADA YANG NAKAL LAPOR KE CHERRIE!)

cherrieee :[ your words really have stolen my heart since day one. please take care yourself when i’m not around you, always surround yourself with happiness. i love you.

judy 🫧🐚 · 8 answers · 11mo

kalo misalnya km diperbolehkan oleh Allah untuk mnjadi arwah gentayangan, km mau gentayangin siapa

Sollaille · 3 answers · 11mo

guys gimana caranya nge hilangin pikiran serem yang bikin takut.....

judy 🫧🐚 · 6 answers · 12mo

guys any songs recommendation? atp udah bingung lagi mau dengerin lagu apaan selaij yang di album nicole.

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