Anonymous · 11mo

Dear Raeliana Magdalène, the brightest star to ever shine.

Happy birthday.

Wherever this age takes you, I hope it’s somewhere sunny and full of jolly.

I hope you know that there is no one else more worthy of deserving love, happiness, the world and all of the good things inside than you are. Thank you for being born and gracing the world with your presence. Thrive and shine brighter, princess. I know you will.

You brought so much joy to my days. I’m sorry that I’m not around. J.

Dear J,

Let me do this for the first and last time. Let me remove you from my thoughts into this letter.

I’ve received your birthday wishes. To be honest I didn’t expect you to show up. How lonely one must be to open her anonymous portal on her birthday night? Very. I hardly can write about you because my brain won’t let me.

Kak, here I want to break my walls off. I wanted your love, your warm embrace, your sweet words. I missed you when you’re gone, when you’re busy, when you’re sleeping. I enjoyed our time together–loved it even. I longed for your kisses–they softened my rough edges though some parts are always gonna stay the same. I wanted you to myself. I wanted to read you as if you were a book of a lifetime. There’s so much I wanted to say to you. I’m sorry that my pride was too high. I told you about my past, how my wound has shaped me. I hate that I couldn’t say anything to you that day. If I did, would you stay?

But no, I won’t ask you to come again. It’s selfish. I just wanted you to know, you lighted up my days too. Your warmth was all that I ever needed. To be loved by you will forever be the greatest time I will always cherish. If freedom is what makes you the happiest, I’ll be happier for you.

Lastly, I hope you live a blissful life. I hope your path is filled with great things and the end journey brings you happiness. Take this goodbye as my last hug.

  • Your once was, Princess.

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