Nadia & Solar

Nadia Thompson and Solar Benson are two neighboring pets from Babylon Gardens.
Nadia is a borzoi who loves history and tasty pastries. Solar is a cat who loves astronomy and detective novels.

Babylon Gardens
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A borzoi and a cat from Babylon Gardens


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Potat · 16d

Greetings, Macabre speaking. More a question for Nadia, but you’re welcome to provide your input as well, Solar.

What pastries would you recommend the most? I’m thinking of getting something for my Love, Mirage, when my shift with the K9PD is over.

Potat · 1mo

To Nadia. I know you've got a history of being a prim and proper dog show girl but do you ever cut loose and go chase squirrels around the yard or stuff like that?

Nadia: "I was anything but prim and proper, I mean I tried with more or less, but rather with less success. I am not the kind to chase squirrels, especially since I have heard about that boy turning into a squirrel, I am always afraid that I might chase an animal who used to be a human. But sometimes I just run around mindlessly like an idiot and enjoy playing fetch a lot more than I should."

Potat · 2mo

So Solar, did you ever ask Nadia out on a date before finding out what she likes in a partner? If so how awkward was it afterwards?

Potat · 2mo

Are you able to reach the chip at the bottom of a pringles can?

Solar: "W-what?"

Nadia: "This question is probably meant for me. Yes, I can reach it and no, I will not do it for you."

Beau Bellamy · 2mo

Me again! I have a question for Nadia. It says on your bio thing that you like making pastries. Is there a kind of pastry you consider your best?

Nadia: "I tried a plethora of recipes from all around the world and most of them came out fine. My personal favorites however are simple croissants, I found a good recipe at my old home, then made some little changes here and there so it is close to perfect now. They are delicous on their own, but I usually add fillings like peanut butter, white chocolate, marmalade and such, those can make them taste even better. You should have seen Solar's face when he tried my blueberry jam-filled croissant for the first time. I put a lot of work into making these but seeing reactions like his always make it worth it."

Potat · 3mo

Hi there! My name’s Mirage! So I saw you met my husband. Yeah, a hare and a coyote together, we get we’re a weird couple, but love transcends and all that. Moved in here not too long ago when Macabre joined the K9PD. I’m curious, before either of you lived in Babylon Gardens, where did you live, and how was it different?

Potat · 3mo

Greetings, I am known as Macabre Ars Goetia. I’ve enrolled in the Babylon Gardens K-9 unit some time ago, though I don’t tend to socialize much. And if you’re going to ask about why I’m wearing a masquerade mask, the answer is that I simply prefer face coverings. Now, I merely wanted to ask how the two of you met? There are certain… others who believe that cats and dogs should remain separate, but I assure you, I do not subscribe to such a thought.

Beau Bellamy · 3mo

Oh hello! I don’t think I’ve seen you two around the neighborhood before. Regardless, name’s Beau. I’m the lifeguard at the pool, so if you’ve been there and see like, one lifeguard dog, that’s me.

How are you guys liking Babylon? When did you two first move here?

Eira Steele · 3mo

Hey! Name's Eira! I'm a professional superhero!

I was curious, do either of you like superheroes, and if so, who's your favorite one?

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