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Anonymous Coward asked 6 months ago

Is the Zine still available to download. If so it it just through Google Drive or…?

Apologies for the delay! Yes, the zine is still available for download. If you click the link on the carrd or in the thread on Twitter, it will take you to the form that will allow you to download it. Thanks for your support.

Anonymous Coward asked 6 months ago

Do you have print settings? (For personal use of course)

Apologies for the delay. We unfortunately do not have specified print settings, though the zine is sized for an A5 format. I hope that helps.

Anonymous Coward asked about 1 year ago

would you consider this zine to be beginner friendly and not overwhelming for people who aren’t used to/have never participated in an event like this before? i’d really like to participate i think but i’ve never worked on a zine or anything of the sort before

Yes. This zine would be considered beginner friendly. Unlike most zines, there is no stressing about whether or not you will be accepted, and once the creation period begins, you will not be penalized if you decide you can no longer participate for some reason.

Anonymous Coward asked about 1 year ago

I really want to be part of this zine, but I cant do digital anymore due to technology and financial issues. Will I be able to participate with traditional/paper art or does it have to be digitally drawn? If i can, what art role would be best for paper art?

If you would like to do traditional art, that is fine. You will just need to have a way to scan/upload the artwork at the due date. If the size doesn't quite match up, we may need to scale slightly or add a border to match dimensions.

Anonymous Coward asked about 1 year ago

Hello! will it be a zine for profit? and if so, can contributors choose to have production work as a reward instead of a full package? Regards!

This is a free, digital zine. All content will be available for download for everyone upon completion.

Anonymous Coward asked about 1 year ago

Hey! The twitter post says that mod apps are open until monday 6 September, but September 6th is actually tuesday. So should we consider monday as the deadline or Tuesday?

Yes, sorry, I was looking at a calendar that went Mon-Sun when I sent that and got the dates mixed up. We have actually extended Mod Applications until Sunday the 11th, with many people busy celebrating the holiday weekend.

Anonymous Coward asked over 1 year ago

Just to confirm, this zine is going to function more like a Bang where anyone +18 can take part and then the works will formatted into a zine pdf? Will samples of work still be requested from applicants?

Yes, for the most part, it will work similar to a bang. Samples will still be requested, but it's mostly just so that the mod team can get a feel for each contributor, and verify that you can meet the criteria of the zine. You will not be critiqued on your samples.

Anonymous Coward asked over 1 year ago

A little concerned about how this zine is open to all just because I feel that's a LOT of work for formatting mods. e.g if you end up with 100 participants they'll have to format /all/ of that. Do you have a plan to mitigate that?

Often times with large projects, a fair number of people end of dropping out for one reason or another. We anticipate that will happen with this as well. We are going to do everything in our power to ensure that the format mod is not overwhelmed by the number of participants, whether that be adding a second format mod, another member of the team helping out, or providing a lengthy window between when creation ends and the pdf is released. We do not want to add any undue stress to anyone participating.

Anonymous Coward asked over 1 year ago

What experience do the mods have? On the carrd it lists Shark teeth for both mods as the only mod experience for zines, and that one is just starting up as well. Do mods have any completed zine projects?

(Mod Hyuge) While there are no completed zines at the moment, if you check the carrd, I have multiple zines I am currently working on. One will be wrapping up at the end of September to be released in October, another is nearing the end of it's creation period to release in February. I also have lots of real world experience managing groups of people and planning events/projects. I am currently running/assisting 5 zines and a bang.

Anonymous Coward asked over 1 year ago

Wondering when will the interest check close?? And will you be posting the results of it?

The interest Check will close Sept 22nd and results will be posted on Sept 27th. The carrd has already been updated to reflect that.

Anonymous Coward asked over 1 year ago

Why are you having so many art mods? What are they all doing?

Currently based on the interest check, we are anticipating a large number of contributors. We are looking for 3 art mods so that no one individual mod feels overwhelmed by the amount of people they will be in charge of.

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