Herdenn, Malik.

And he, the sovereign of hearts.

Marseille, France
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Anon · 5mo

How have you been all this time? You seem to be doing well.

Wah, thank you for asking anon. Senang rasanya bisa tau saya terlihat baik-baik saja, but yeah I'm trying my best to live to the fullest. Not saying I'm okay, though, but I'm trying. Kamu sendiri gimana kabarnya? Semoga sehat selalu ya, non.

Anon · 7mo

congrast on your break up hihi aku bisa sama kak abin :P

Anon · 11mo

pacar lo ganteng

Anon · 11mo

Boleh dm buat confess nggak, Den?

Anon · 11mo

Okay. Be happy always, Eden!

Anon · 11mo

Lagi suka sama orang nggak? Kayaknya gw suka sama lu wkwkwkw.

Padahal aku diem aja.. but thank you, non! Regarding the question, I'd like to keep it to myself, apologies. But I'm always up for a talk if you want to know me better!

Auriga. · 2 answers · 1y

Review Taurus as best friend or lover please?

As a Taurean himself.. Taurus ini suka mancing emosi sih jadi kudu sabar. 😂 But at times they are really a very good person to rely on.

Anon · 1y

hey Eden, Happy late birthday! sorry for not saying it early, I fell sick yesterday. wishing you a better life ahead, did you treat yourself well yesterday? i hope you do then, always remember to smile, and peace out!

Thank you, anon! I don't mind. Did you feel better today? I do treat myself well yesterday. Happiness looks good on you anon, remember to eat well! ❤️

Anon · 1y

have u set ur eyes on someone?

Well, no one knows but at the time being I don't want to commit to any relationship. Kenapa, Non?

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