Marquis Helio D.

I’ll tell you the truth, but never goodbye.

Tokyo, Japan.
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If you’re too shy, let him know.


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Abellian. asked 29 days ago · 9 answers

Hey info dong kalian lg mau ke ca mana

Aurora Wrenley ⪩⪨ asked 3 months ago · 40 answers


Angel asked 4 months ago · 24 answers

How do you deal with sadness?

𑄼ల۫  ۪ asked 5 months ago · 15 answers

Do you know your Rising Sign and what is it? ・ᴗ・

Kassie. asked 5 months ago


Someone asked 6 months ago

hey, i often see you. so i want to be your friend but idk how to start..

Hi there. Shoot me a follow and don't hesitate to hit me up. I'd be delighted to have you around.

Someone asked 6 months ago


Someone asked 6 months ago

Do you miss him?

Someone asked 6 months ago

kalau ditanya kenapa mau naksir, i just find you attractive. it may sound weird but i see from how you interact with your friends, the way you reply to all your retros, and i wish we could chat more! (but i'm still too shy to show up so maybe i'll hide here first) 😬

Hi there. That's not weird at all. Mm thank you, I'll take it as a compliment. I would like to be friends with you, but if you don't want to show up yet, that's totally okay. Have a great day ahead!

Someone asked 6 months ago

Do you consider yourself as comsu person??

Not really, I just haven't felt really capable of a new relationship yet for some reason, or perhaps I just need to find the right person first.

Someone asked 6 months ago

heliooo, boleh naksir ga? 😔

Someone asked 6 months ago

I hope you feel loved and appreciated enough, Helio

Hello, anon. Did you know that you just made my day? Thank you so much for the song, it was really nice to hear. Please do think highly of yourself too, you mean so much more than you think you do cause you're beyond precious, and you deserve nothing but the best also. May your April be as sweet as you are.

Someone asked 6 months ago

kakak ava heeseung coba dengerin lagu ini deh siapa tau bisa menjadi pribadi yg tidak begitu loyo lagi he he he he

Hi, anon. Terima kasih ya buat lagunya, nanti saya dengerin. Tau aja kalau lagi loyo. Semangat juga buat kamu. Hope this day will be gentle to you.

Someone asked 6 months ago

i hate to admit this but the truth is, i was captivated with you since we’re under the same CA. i don’t want to be obvious tho. —the one whose text hasn’t gotten replied yet.

Oh? Thank you, anon. I don’t really get it what’s the thing of me that makes you captivate, but anything is alright since you have the right to do it. Sorry, I haven’t got enough energy to reply to all DMs anyway. So, I’m still clueless because there are a lot of DMs that I haven’t read.

Someone asked 6 months ago

terakhir pacaran kapan bang?

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