Joger Ian.

Would love to accept every que as long as its a positive one.

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Unseen Sender · 11mo

You're too Dior for anak syopi lyk me

Unseen Sender · 11mo

Hello. Sorry for bothering you. Do you mind if I following you? Thank you!

Hello, not bothered at all. I don’t mind every single person to follows me, as long as not a personal type.

Unseen Sender · 12mo

whyd u giving so hard to reach vibe ya kakge, i want to know u better but i feel like i CAaANnTt t__t

Unseen Sender · 12mo

aku kemarin nonton live nya ruto keingetnya gege :"D

Unseen Sender · 12mo

what's the most gorgeous country and the most overrated place you would never go there for second time, ever visited?

Kalau indah, dimana tempat itu benar-benar ingin aku tinggali itu sejujurnya Jepang (especially Kobe dan Kyoto). For the most over rated aku pilih UAE (especially Dubai). No longer comment about it, just.. worst.

Unseen Sender · 12mo

ka ian bisa masak ga?

You got the minus part of myself. Aku nggak jago, tapi bisa masak kalau cuma manasin dibantu airfryer dan microwave. 😅

Unseen Sender · 12mo

youre so cool

First thing first, good morning. Second thing, I don’t know the reason I received this but I thanking you.

Unseen Sender · 12mo

kakge aku denger lagi dikorea masih disana ga ya aku mau nitip skincare?

Haloo iya tapi maaf aku sudah tutup titip-titipan yaa. Sudah banyak banget yang nitip takutnya overweight.

Unseen Sender · 12mo

Boleh aku tanya? Proses pdkt nya kakge sama crushnya udah sampai mana, ya?

Unseen Sender · 1y

KAK. AKU NEMU AKUN KAKAK SECARA GAK SENGAJA AND I FOUND U AS ATTARACTIVE PERSON. tapi sampai sekarang belum berani follow..SKSKSKKS GITU DEH. pirtinyiinnyi; hows your day kak?

Freshly question coming. Halo, sender, maaf kalau akunku lewat kamu dibagian aneh-anehnya yaa. Thank you for saying so, I appreciate it! I don't mind to get the follow whenever you're ready. Jiwibinnyi, my days went well. Just finished UTS weeks, so I feel happier now. How's yours?

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