Zundert, Netherlands.
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Soul · 22 answers · 5d

Let me know how each of you is finding July thus far. Is it treating you well?

bels · 24 answers · 9d

aku lagi bosen sama playlistku:[ please drop your most-liked or most-listened songs!! introduce me to your preferred genreeeee^^

Asa · 19 answers · 13d

what did you learn from your past relationship?

You can try as much as you want, but if it’s not meant to be, it won’t last

kumi · 11 answers · 18d

elo kumituals! since, i’m bored dan list seriesku sudah habiss kasih aku saran series yang menurut kalian harus banget semua orang tau apaa 🤓🫵🏻

𝒩. · 80 answers · 18d

prefer pake sendal atau sepatu?

· 5 answers · 22d

saranin lagu galau segalau-galaunya lagu galau plis aku mau bikin danau air mata

🚪 · 22d

jadi . . . kamu dah ada pacar ya?

We're not officially a couple, but we both have feeling for each other. Hope that clear up your confusion

Asa · 21 answers · 26d

gak capek main ca? kepikiran buat stop aja gak virtual virtualan ini? apa yg membuatkan kalian masih bertahan disini

Mungkin iya, tapi gak dalam waktu dekat. Aku bersyukur punya banyak teman yang baik, jadi gak mungkin aku lepaskan mereka begitu aja

Mikayla ᰔ · 10 answers · 27d

Temen-temen ada kah yang mau temenan di X sama aku juga? #Butuh #Teman #Help

🚪 · 28d

Just passing by for a moment, I just wanted to say you are a cool & interesting person. May you always be surrounded by goodness and happiness, bro. Nice to have you around! 👊🏻

Thank you so much. Your positivity is contagious and it’s people like you who make the world a better place. May you always find happiness and success in everything you do 👍

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