The ethereal shades of dawn, we pursue chase dreams kissed by the gentle light.

New Orleans, LA
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Woody Hyena · 9mo

I've seen your account pass through my timeline a lot, and I found you're attractive. So, hello Kaylene?

hello, sender! thank you for having good feelings for me, i really appreciate it. maybe you can come forth so we can say hi to each other? anyway, have a great day, sender!

Woody Hyena · 10mo

If you haven’t heard this then let me tell you, you’re doing great today, Kay! Thank you for always trying your best every day, keep it up. ;)

HI‼️ thank you a lot, cutie! what a lovely thing to start my day. you’re doing great as well sender, i’m proud of you. 🤍

Woody Hyena · 11mo

henlOu, cantik! semoga malem ini bobonya nyenyak, bantalnya dingin, selimutnya anget, terus gak dinyamukin, dan besok pagi bangun dengan semangat 45!!! walaupun umur kamu dah 55 ya kayaknyaaaa xixixixixixixii

mANAAAA ADAA UMURKU 55!!! tapi boleh deh aku emang physically 55 kayaknya?!?!?! maaf jompo. maaf aku baru bales ya! semoga malem ini kamu bobo nyenyaaak, adem enggak kepanasan, terus besok pagi dikasih pagi yang indah pokoknya!

Woody Hyena · 11mo

hello, kaylene. such a beautiful name you had, it suits you. kaylene, i hope you survive from everything that happens in your life. keeps your smile, i’m pretty sure-no, i’m 100000% sure everyone loves when your smile. your happiness, brings joy to others. thank you for existing.

hai.. thank you banyak banyak, ya! aku langsung senyum-senyum habis baca ini. wish you keep your smile as well, sender! soalnya aku tau kamu pasti maaaakiiiinnn cakep kalo lagi senyum! thank you for existing as well, sender! thank you for spreading happiness to me, you deserve all the good things in the world. 💗

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