Anonymous asked about 1 year ago

What do you enjoy most about using vocalsynth? Is there any voice on Synth V that you'd like to use, especially with cross-lingual synthesis being a thing?

It's probably a strange way to put it, but I really like the fact I'm "manually sculpting" the vocal expression. Doing little tweaks here and there and customizing it down to the last detail. Of course, there are still technical limitations, but in some ways it gives me a little more "control" than if I'd sung it myself. I've always thought that the biggest irony is that people have a perception that vocalsynth is inherently lacking in emotional expression ability, but I mean, I spent hours perfecting that by hand to make it have my emotional thought process in it!

I actually have both Solaria and Tsuina-chan right now and I plan to start trying them out more seriously when my health problems recede! In fact, I got Tsuina-chan specifically because cross-lingual synthesis is a thing, because ever since I got V4 Nekokmura Iroha a few years ago I'd been hesitant to get too many more that don't support English, but as someone who'd still been entertaining ideas of getting every English vocalsynth released to date, SynthV introducing cross-lingual synthesis kind of made me go "oh no, I'm in danger" 😅 I don't think I'll be getting ALL of them in the end, but I certainly have choices...Perhaps unsurpriisngly for a VY fan, I like the "faceless" ones (like Saki), and I think any future ones will depend on what kind of voice types I end up needing!

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