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If you were a genshin caracther at would be your weapon type, element, region, color pallete, story and habilitem( like what you would do on your elemental burst and skill)

I feel I would be from Inazuma but atm living in Liyue as an apprentice under HuTao! With that, I feel I'll get the Spear type, and either fire and electric type to make me Inazuma's HuTao (run). Would love to mix something like HuTaos burst and Babaras (so much sparkle) but would be with the Japanese traditions, like calling Yokais, or spirits for the attack. Hmm E could be the said element slowly store in the monster, till finally pop and reload the burst ovo. Have had the ideas but never detailed other than "Inazumas HuTao with "fun times"".

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