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Anonymous Coward · 18d

What are some hidden gem characters that you really enjoy but you don't see represented a ton in kink/fat art?

Anonymous Coward · 21d

What's the most cursed food tf that you would still consider enjoyable?

Anonymous Coward · 22d

Is there a charecter you think should be earth shatteringly obese?

Anonymous Coward · 1mo

No questions, besides asking how has life been treating you? Hope the year has treated you well enough so far!

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

What did you think of the Dungeon Meshi anime, did it live up to the manga?

I think the later eps are better the the earlier ones as the studio finds it's footing. I think it's a pretty good adaptation overall but I don't think the first OP quite fits the vibe of the first arc of DM

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

Do you have a new Tumblr page?

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

What does the ideal feederism related date look like to you?

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

Do you like self-kink stuff?

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

What's the optimum body shape for you when it comes to barely waddling lardasses?

I think it's bottom heavy. Just two thick thighs shuffling around with a wobbling rear atop em. Paired with a sizable gut and modest chest.

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

What’s your limit to wg, if any?

I think things get kinda... boring after blob sizes. But there are some people who manage to make it not boring

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

Thoughts on the Godzilla films, and why is Biollante the best monster from them?

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

Whats new in the neighborhood, you falling deeper into feedee route?

Anonymous Coward · 4mo

What are some games you've been enjoying recently?

Been getting back into slay the spire but I've been meaning to finish the dlc for xenoblade or get bravely default 2

Anonymous Coward · 5mo

Legs once lean and strong, powerful enough to jump from branch to branch through the woodlands she called home
The poor excuse of an elf now groans whenever she's forced to get up and use the bathroom, her elephantine legs shuffling and rubbing against one another, trembling under her weight as she struggles with such a simple act

One plodding step after the other. She's gonna need a breather after this. And something chock full of sugar to "help get the blood flowing" <-her words, not mine

Anonymous Coward · 5mo

Back in the forest fruits were treasured as an emergency resource for fuel, chock full of natural sugars
Now this slovenly elf couldn't stomach the thought of having something so bland and flavorless, not without it being dipped and encased in a sugary shell first at least..

gone are the days of surviving off hardtack and nuts. now she can just open her fridge and bury her hunger in processed cheese and canned whipped cream

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