Some Chud · 11mo

We all (probably) know the sort of people that Rono dislikes-slash-likes-only-as-dinner. What kinds of people does she like actually like for hookups that don't involve them getting consumed?

(Tw: Vore mentions!)

Good question! Ronoae is a particular kind of gal, generally attracted to two types of people: confident but respectful, and the prudist or shameful. She loves being able to tell someone to breed her ass with as many fat loads as it can take, and enjoys both the "yes ma'am/only if you ask nicely" answers or the "h-how vulgar!" pearl-clutchers.

Really though, respect is very important. Someone being able to show her not just basic decency, but genuine respect, are likely not going to get eaten by her (I say "likely" because, well, non-fatal vore is a thing).

If you can't show respect to, for example, a service worker: into the guts you're packed!

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