Some Chud · 11mo

What monsters most tickle you as a monsterfucker?

What species most tickle you as a furry enjoyer?

Xenomorphs and horror-alien type things (though I'm not so into Predator), dinosaur/draconic creatures, plant monsters, demons... truthfully I'm not as into "hardcore" monsters, though I do like Resident Evil creatures from a lore perspective (as in, I have a specific character that... "attracts..." these things, as a plot point). Except Uroboros and other ambiguous horror-tentacles, I LOVE those XD

Skunk, bovine (dairy cow), horse, and some Digimon & Pokemon. That's a little more straightforward, I think? Though, if you want specifics on Poke/Digimon:
Pokemon: Goodra, Lucario, Riolu, Raichu, Mudsdale, Mew, Mewtwo... and more, I'm sure xD
Digimon: Renamon (duh), Guilmon, er... a lot of Digimon, honestly, but I'm blanking rn. If it looks like a two-legged lizard or furrybait, odds are I like it. XD

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