The Art of Conversation.

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Sojourner. · 4d

so cute yet so hard to approach (you)

Sojourner. · 4d

Do you ever feel... like a plastic bag?

Crinkly and aimless? Either rustle in the wind, or shoved under dirty sink? All the time, sender. All the time.

Sojourner. · 20d

ure such a cool furry (for the record, this is a compliment hun)

Sojourner. · 25d

let’s check how your intuition works well, have you ever made me feel valued?

You tell me. There wasn't even a hint of such thing in my response to your very first question. Perhaps you read and conclude things based on your own experience, rather than what I actually said. What else might be leading you into such conclusion? A mere observation? I'm curious.

Sojourner. · 25d

so it is indeed a trait of yours to make someone feels like they’re special to your life then?

Quite frankly, I have a good sense of who you might be. And yes, making others feel valued comes naturally to me.

Sojourner. · 26d

hey sil, are you seeing someone?

Sojourner. · 1mo

Apparently, I just discovered that you like Shadow and Bone. Did you watch it? Or read? Anyhow, it makes me want to have a conversation or two. But I haven't had the courage to reach you out... Yet.

I watched it. I had been meaning to read the book ever since the day they announced the series was discontinued, just as I was starting to become quite invested in the newly introduced characters. Do you, by chance, read the book? Maybe you could take a brave step by answering that question. You're more than welcome.

Sojourner. · 2mo

Leaving your bunny all alone?😔

... Think of this as a little survivability practice for my sweet bunny. Now, stay well, floofy one! You're forever within my sight, nonetheless.

Sojourner. · 2mo

I’m picturing you in our future. (jk) Well. Everything that you described. And, you are such a smooth talker agree or not. Anyway, It was a short talk but I sincerely hope you always find joy in life. Adiós, Silas.

Now, now, who's the real smooth talker here? In any case, your kind words and brief visit were such a delightful surprise, dear sojourner. Thank you. I, too, wish your path be ever-joyous. Take care. Xx

Marshall · 2mo

Aku mau minta follow backnya aja boleh gak?

Sojourner. · 2mo

You feel like Pumpkin Sunrise by Alan Gogoll

Getting myself lost in the tune as I speak. Nostalgic trip down memory lane, life's simplest joy, subtle springtime breeze, and serenity. Which of these are you trying to picture me as?

Sojourner. · 2mo

Hey sexy brain, I find intelligence incredibly attractive and you've got it in spades.

Quite the charmer, aren't you? Little did you know that the art of flirtation has an irresistible grip on me, and I'm willing to bet it runs through your very essence.

Sojourner. · 2mo

ive been wanted to know you more since while ago

Sojourner. · 3mo

Wyd? Are you asleep yet?

7 hours ago. It must likely be around 1 AM? Yes, I had already slept like a baby by the time you sent me this, dearest. What made you stay up so late? Weren't you supposed to be nestled in?

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