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How useful would you be in a zombie apocalypse ? What skills do you have that would help you and others survive ?

Probablement pas beaucoup. Après je peux un peu organiser, cuisiner, et faire des câlins

I would teach people how to wear armors because once you have an armor you are safe and why are people always dumb during zombie outbreaks, just tough clothes are enough to be safe most of the time !

Je ferais un très très mauvais zombie, qui demanderait la permission avant d'attaquer/de contaminer. Ca compte ?

i'm pretty sure i would be useless, esp because i would be off meds + no rest. (+ socialisation would kill me) i don't think i have any?? maybe basic archery skills and usually try to to find all the factors and account them?

Je peux faire des dessins rigolos, ça sert à rien dans la lutte contre les zombies mais ça remonte le moral

Well... I do have some fighting skills with a variety of weapon...
Also I can cook a bit. Not sure what else I can do. :x

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