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if you could pick one out of Doraemon's pocket, what would you choose? ✨

It's hard to make a decision for this, is there no package for a door to anywhere than can also take you to travel time?


hi, Ian! Since your muse is mark, which era of him do you like the most?

Hmm, I can't really decide. But one thing I can say, Ay-Yo era left such a huge impression to me.

UNKNOWN. · 15d

hi, Ian! Yes, my march is treating me well too :] Anyway, what's your plan for eid?? Apakah kamu yang bagi-bagi thr atau kamu masih kebagian thr :D?

That's such a relief to hear. I plan to spend the week with my family by going out, since it's only once a year which we are able to due to our busy schedules. Aku bagian memantau orang-orang aja soalnya nggak ngerayain, hahaha.

UNKNOWN. · 23d

hi, Ian! It's me again :] how's life? Is march treating you well?

Hello, Sender. Life's going quite alright, I guess. Thankfully it did, how about you? Did March treat you well, Sender? Regardless, I hope April treats you well too.

UNKNOWN. · 25d

hi, Ian! May i know your favorite song all the time?

I can't really decide, but here are some of them : BREATHE - Lee Hi; Enchanted - Taylor Swift; Square; - Yerin Baek; Broken Melodies, Moon, Graduation - NCT DREAM.

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