Callum. · 20 answers · 3mo

How was your January so far?

my January was full of a lot of stress and also some things I couldn't control, it was quite bad but I enjoyed it

A bit too late but my January was good. Nothing special tho just a lot of works and meetings

I'll give 6 out of 10 for this month. I had mixed feelings. Bulan ini banyak drainednya, huhu.

Not the best. There haven't been wild causes, but my sleeping schedule is definitely a fixer upper. I'd say it's been quite alright.

Thank God, I am indeed grateful for the sudden opportunity that God gave me in the last week of January. Still cannot believe about it while my mother seemed easily saying, "there's no way that company would not hire you." Nonetheless, God still love me and that's the whole point of January ♡

7.5/10 if i can rate, there’s a few up and down moment but overall i cherish every details that happen, how about you?

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