An upcoming, unofficial zine project focuses on the Star Guardian Universe and the various characters within this setting

Please allow 36-48 hours for responses to your inquires!

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Potential Star Guardian · 3mo

any more sales? :)

Unfortunately, our mission in this part of the universe is nearly complete as we must follow the First Star's call! We appreciate your interest and support of Supernova but we have sold out of all stock & do not have plans to restock at this time!

Potential Star Guardian · 4mo

what time exactly will leftover sales open? thx!

Potential Star Guardian · 4mo

when will members of the zine be able to publicly post their work? thanks!

Contributors will be allowed to showcase their full pieces the day our Leftovers sale opens, on Jan 22nd!

Potential Star Guardian · 10mo

does the digital zine come with the cover print stretch goal?

The only stretch goal that will be included in digital order was our original OST piece! To receive the cover print stretch goal, a buyer would have had to secure a physical zine bundle or any higher bundle tier. Keep your eyes on the stars for information on leftover sales where you might be able to secure it!

Potential Star Guardian · 10mo

can u extend more or do a physical giveaway

Hello! Unfortunately the First Star has her sights trained on something in the distant future instead: make sure to follow us for leftover sales once shipping for preorders wrap up!

Potential Star Guardian · 10mo

so r u planning to extend? that would b awesome!!!!

Potential Star Guardian · 10mo

could you please keep sales open a liiiiitle bit longer 😭 im trying to save up :(((

We hear you, guardian! We'll consult with the First Star to make sure our extension aligns with their grand plan!

Potential Star Guardian · 11mo

how many bundles will u have?

Supernova will feature 5 unique bundles, all bundles will be revealed this Friday so keep your eyes on the stars!

Potential Star Guardian · 1y

Roughly speaking, when can we expect the zine to be out? And will there be an early bird package set?

Hello! Our preorder sales are tentatively set to open in early June, though the exact date will be finalized once our team has submitted their finalized pieces. Please keep an eye on our socials for when our preorder sales are announced!

At this time, we do not plan to have an early bird special, though this may change later — only the First Star knows for sure, so make sure to keep following us for updates!

Potential Star Guardian · 1y

how many applications did you guys end up getting?

Potential Star Guardian · 1y

Where do we submit our applications?

A link to all of our applications can be found under the pinned post on our socials. Links can also be found on our Carrd, which is linked in all of our bios!

Potential Star Guardian · 1y

Star guardian gwen is in LoR is it okay to still draw her?

Potential Star Guardian · 1y

Will we be able to draw Star guardian art of Champions that aren't star guardians/star nemesis as of yet???

We do ask that any characters drawn in the zine are ones that have official representation within the Star Guardian lore — that can include both the official games or official written content. Official characters can include Star Guardians, Star Nemesis, or side characters too!

With so many amazing characters, we're sure you'll find a few you'd love to create for!

Potential Star Guardian · 1y

what if i want to apply as merch artist and work on artwork for physical merch but program i use doesn't support the CMYK color mode?

Please feel free to apply! The mod team will be available to help out with conversions and file submission specifications as needed once you onboard.

Potential Star Guardian · 1y

Are all types of art style allowed ?

We welcome all art styles, from comic to realistic and everything in between. We also welcome both traditional and digital submissions! The only requirement we have is that samples must be able to meet our final submission specifications (i.e. created at 300 dpi or scanned at a high resolution).

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