I'm an artist, designer and writer (sometimes). I am trying to learn this human activity called "communication". Ask me a question about anything, mostly.

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Steak asked 10 days ago

collects dust

A side of cheese fries asked 18 days ago

What do you like more, dogs or cats?

I vibe with cats more because they are more self-reliant than dogs, who were basically made to depend on humans. While cats kind of were as well, they are mainly around to catch vermin and be a comfort, unlike dogs who have a ton of different purposes. Also, I relate to sleeping 2/3rds of a day. Cats are epic

A side of cheese fries asked 26 days ago

I stumbled onto your website+mastodon via neocities, I don't completely agree with everything you post but I find your web presence of just being yourself and sharing your thoughts to be interesting to read and even comforting in a way

Thank you, it really means a lot to read this. :)

A side of cheese fries asked about 1 month ago

What do you think about foxes?

Very interesting canines. Their vocalizations are unique. They have a nice shape and very pretty eyes and fur. They're smart too.

A side of cheese fries asked about 1 month ago

What is your dream job?

I wanna make layuts for books/magazines/newspapers. Print media. I just enjoy the process. It's methodical.

A side of cheese fries asked 2 months ago

What was the worst thing you've eaten so far?

I had this protein bar a few weeks ago cause I wanted to try putting more protein in my diet without cholesterol. It wasn't... good. It was both too stiff and too soft and it hardly tasted like the flavir (cookie dough) and i could barely get through it all... and then I later threw up that day. To be fair that could have been withdrawal, but I never vomited last I was in. Everytime I see or think about that brand I feel sick urg I should stop writing now.

puppy 🌈 asked 3 months ago

Hi!! You’re really cool. What’s your favorite food if you have any? Or a favorite video game? 🐾

Thanks I also think you're really cool!! My favorite food right now is green grapes. Which is good cause they're healthy. I can eat like sooo many of them in a single day. And I uh don't have a Singular game that is my favorite, I am very much into Pokémon right now which has been a lifelong interest, and Sonic the Hedgehog which I picked up about 5 years ago.

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