Anonymous Soldier · 11mo

can you describe about your crush?

Sure! They are an extraordinary individual who captivates me in countless ways. From their infectious smile that lights up the room to their kind and compassionate nature, they have an undeniable charm that draws me closer, for I can picture them all inside my head.

They have a genuine and caring heart. They said and I quote, “I'd like to say that my sweetheart is the most loving being on earth, even heaven knows this one angel is so lovely,” little did they know that those words along with others brought a newfound sense of joy and excitement into my life.

They express their appreciation and admiration for me in a heartfelt way, showing that they are attentive to my needs and feelings. In short, they have captured my heart and continue to leave me in awe with their remarkable qualities.

Thank you for the question, anyway. ❤︎

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