Björn · 5 answers · 7mo

If you’re bored or currently having a free time, I would like to hear about your thoughts on me, or a first impression would do.

Kk Babas tentunya sangat baik dan friendly ke orang lain!! Somehow keliatan kayak cold city namja, but turns out you're super warm and FUNNY

always so fun to talk to though we barely have that 1:1 kind of conversation 🫂 used to be someone I look up to but I think I start to see you as, you know, someone who does things tgt get through things together bc turns out there’s not so much of a difference we got here

Oh you already heard about them yesterday but let me answer it again. At first, I thought that it was going to be hard to get close to you because you seemed pretty cold.. but the more we talk, the more I get to know you and realise how similiar we are! Our music taste and laughters that we share are the ones that makes me comfortable around you. You're a nice guy. Thank you for being my friend, Babas!

I feel like you’re someone who keeps his cool even when the heat is on. You seem as steady as a rock, but hey don't let that fool you; it seems to me that you also know how to let loose and have a blast. Whether you’re shooting the breeze with people or simply going off on a tangent about little things that pique your interests, you got the best of both worlds — the calm in the storm and the life of the party. (First impression. Subject to change.)

I perceive you as someone that will be very picky? In a way, and also hard to approach but on the contrary, after a few talk with you it all changed. I’m glad to know that you’re so fun to talk to!

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