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Pepperoniless Pizza · 4mo

What can you say about Taylor Swift being silent despite having a large platform

Disappointing, but 1) my personal bar for white multimillionaires has always been in hell; 2) that’s not the main issue at hand.

Björn · 7 answers · 4mo

Tell me your go-to coffee from Point Coffee

I don’t really go to Point (distance being the reason) but when I do, I never opt for their coffee. I always cop their matcha latte because I love how it’s a perfect balance between grassy and creamy. Third place in my book when it comes to matcha after Kopi Kenangan and Tomoro.

Sansa · 5mo

Saaa kalau buka ini boleh tolong kasih tahu Milan buat cek Retrospring-nya enggak. Ini gue enggak bisa buka socmed apa pun. Makasih yaa.

Sansa · 5mo

Boleh tolong bantu gue sebelum gue nangis

Björn · 5 answers · 7mo

If you’re bored or currently having a free time, I would like to hear about your thoughts on me, or a first impression would do.

I feel like you’re someone who keeps his cool even when the heat is on. You seem as steady as a rock, but hey don't let that fool you; it seems to me that you also know how to let loose and have a blast. Whether you’re shooting the breeze with people or simply going off on a tangent about little things that pique your interests, you got the best of both worlds — the calm in the storm and the life of the party. (First impression. Subject to change.)

Björn · 9 answers · 7mo

May I take a look on your all-time favorite playlist on Spotify?

“All-time” is tough, as I change my music taste biannually. I do, however, have a playlist in mind: Tell me what you think about it later, please?

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