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A-noun. · 14d

kenalan dong hehe

A-noun. · 16d

spill current fav songs/artist

Aduh siapa ya... lagi lumayan sering dengerin lagu-lagunya Mosawo sama Laufey sih nder. Kalo all time fav tetep Centimillimental. 😎

Helena Sinclair. · 3 answers · 16d

How was your Sunday, everyone?

So so, I did my laundry then took a long nap. Very unfortunate that I skipped my lunch but now I have a full tummy with meals & two cups of coffee. 😁

A-noun. · 1mo

yowuu aku egk sengaja bub kamu tapi malu mau followan lagi hiks

Kayaknya aku tau ini siapa 👀 btw gapapa kok nggak harus followan. Tapi kalo masih mau temenan nanti aku follow lagi deh, santai aja 😁👍🏼

A-noun. · 3mo

Glad to see you back, Yoru! How's your second day of Eid?

Thank you sender! I didn't do much since I'm alone but I do treat myself good with food and games. Hbu?

A-noun. · 3mo

Hi, sender! First of all I'm speechless... Thank you for the heartwarming words you wrote. Now idk if my response looks appropriate to you or nah, but I still wanna thank you for this msgs. To respond your request.. it's ok to send me any anonymous msgs thru my retro. But if you're one of my mootsies then don't you think it will be better if you just slide into my dm immediately? 👀 No rush, but I would love to know you better as well. I'm back on twitter, btw. Just saying 😝

A-noun. · 4mo

What is heavier: a kilogram of steel, or a kilogram of feathers?

A-noun. · 4mo

Would you rather be the best player on a horrible team or the worst player on a great team?

The worst player on a great team and let my friends carry me (yes, I'm a burden)

Helena Sinclair. · 8 answers · 5mo

As we're about to face a long holiday and I've run out of my movie-to-watch, do you have any movies recommendations for me?

It's probably late for me to answer this now but if you like action-detective genre, I guess "Cold Eyes" is worth to watch.

A-noun. · 5mo

who is your yuki?

A-noun. · 5mo

it seems very hard to approach you these days. you feel so distant when all i want to do is becoming your close friend

I'm sorry to waste such a big effort that you tried to gave me, sender. Please find another person that worth it more and be happy. Thank you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

A-noun. · 5mo

hello! this is my first time leaving anonym question in your retrospring. just wanna ask, are you available for shenlan photo session in lantern rite? if it's a yes I will join your world tonight if you don't mind. thanks yoru!

Sorry sender, baru lihat. Kebetulan saya nggak punya Shenhe dan cuma punya Yelan. I'm pretty sure banyak diantara teman kamu yang punya Yelan juga, kan? You can ask them if you want, rather than waiting for me. Still, thanks for asking. I really appreciate your time and bravery for writing this. Next time kalo ada kesempatan dan ada waktu, kita temenan ya!

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