Zenith The Reborn

Hi I'm Zenith! My pronouns are She/Zhr! Feel free to ask me (just) about anything!

If you want to ask me something lewd or not safe for minors, ask me here:

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Lovely Friend asked 3 months ago

What’s the first letter of a person name who makes you super happy by talking to them!

Lovely Friend asked 3 months ago

What's your ideal date night?

My ideal date night is doing an activity with someone that either of us find meaning in. If it is both of us that is even more perfect. I don't just want to go out to a meal or to a move: I want to DO something with a sense of genuine sharing and bonding. I want to have an experience we share, where it is of sharing and learning, and of loving and comradery. Performative romantic gestures are still appreciated, but it is the small novel moments doing something with someone you love, no matter what that is, that means the most to me. The ideal is in what we make of it, not what is expected. Thanks for the question. 💙

Lovely Friend asked 3 months ago

do you like video games?

I LOVE video games! I'm a game developer, and I love games so much I would like to make it my job and main source of income. When I was a kid, I decided I wanted to be a game designer when I grew up.

My favorite kind of games are strategy games, puzzle games, sandbox games, and games that can be classified as "4X", though admittedly I have grown distant to that genre as of late. I am preferring games based on some kind of overarching theme or plot that has some take-away or philosophical significance.

Thanks for the question!

Axel_Husky asked 3 months ago

You're soft and sweet <3

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