'Have you ever thought of an ending you wish to see?'

Brisbane, Australia.
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Trying to live.


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boxes · 3mo

Hi, What is your favorite song from Keenan Te?

boxes · 9mo

AAAAAAAA wanna talk more with youuuuu~

really? (i guess i don't tweet much) well, you can talk to me on any platform you like, or by any chance show yourself so i can interact with you furthermore? you can dm me if you like, i'll try my best to reply

boxes · 9mo

hope you're doing great! sometimes i wanna chat with you more often but i never know what to talk about

well if you're confused about topics, i actually love open discussions or you can give me your TMI since i don't share mine that often. i can't promise you chaotic reactions but i'll sure try to reply to you (aside from me being busy most of the time)

boxes · 12mo

gen miss interacting with you, but i don't think it'll be as fun as it used to, so, hopefully youre doing great even just a lil bit.

well.. yk dull things happen from least interaction. my bad for being 'away' perhaps things will go on better?

boxes · 1y

hope you're doing good lol

boxes · 1y

i miss you, but i actually didn't know how to start again ):

...mwo? am i somebody to you before? i'm sorry i can't guess... but you can hit me up, if you don't mind. i'm open for now

boxes · 1y

Hi, Julian. Kinda awkward to reach you out after a long time and I just don't want to, so I'm just sending you this meaningless greetings from afar. Have a good day ahead.

oh hey? i thought you forgot about me. but thank you for stopping by? i wish i could know who r u but have a nice day tho, anon.

boxes · 1y

If money doesn't matter what job would you like to pursue?

boxes · 1y

If you're told to doodle the first thing on your mind what would it be?

Loui or Dean, because they're my source of happiness. or just something in front of me.

boxes · 1y

Could you tell us about the characters you've made. The one you show in you tweets. Like their characteristics and stuff.

Dean and Louis? oh, it'll take me a whole thread to tell you about that ofc, but here's a fact, of other OCs I've made before, both of them are the most intensely drawn yet simple characters, deeply in the form of their personality and habits.

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