Anonymous Gay Fan asked about 1 year ago

hi calico! I was wondering if you had the space station scene with klaus and galea from xenoblade 2 without the black and white filter on? I thought I should ask you since you are Klaus’ strongest soldier.

hi my anonymous gay fan!! i am afraid i do not... i wish i did, but i don't dabble in switch modding so i have no clue if there's a setting i could toggle and edit... ): but i can definitely confirm it /is/ a filter... since the model from the scene is blonde as can be (good for him). thank you for thinking to ask me!!
i really wish we could see the scene without the filter, it'd be so neat... it might also be prerendered (space station scene in 1 is, thus you can't even look around there in dolphin free camera), which in that case removing the filter is impossible since it's baked into the scene... i could look into this though maybe? i don't think it is possible to remove the flashback filters (i feel like someone would have done it already), but maybe in the files somewhere there exists the scene itself? and maybe it doesn't have the filter. 🤔 sorry this answer got long, i'm mostly thinking to myself because now you have me interested...
tl;dr - unfortunately i do not... it is most likely prerendered and thus uneditable, but there's a chance it isn't!

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