Remember me, for who I will become. Your nightmare, your sweet dreams, your reality.

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Tamu manis · 19d

💕Come back to me - Song by RM of BTS out May 10

💕Right place wrong person - Album by RM of BTS out May 24

Tamu manis · 1mo

Hey, you should get some sleep soon. Don’t stay awake for too long, yeah? The mind is vulnerable when it’s late at night.

Tamu manis · 1mo

Idk if you mentioned it before, but what’s your MBTI? Does it ever change or always stays the same?

My MBTI is INTP Since 2019, before it I was INFP. I thought they will change, but they wouldn't haha

Tamu manis · 1mo

do you have or ever had any bad habits?

Tamu manis · 1mo

do you have an “ampuh” solution to cure insomnia?

Don't drink coffee at night, for me. And also, when you are trying to sleep, please breathe in and out but more feeling it for several times while closing your eyes. Sometimes I love my room a bit dark and I separate my self from the phone. And sometimes I drink water before I go to bed. That's how all of them works on me.

Tamu manis · 1mo

What was the last thing you have bought?

Coffee? This Afternoon, I bought one cup of brown sugar latte with less sugar but added caramel sauce a bit. And it turned delicious!

Tamu manis · 1mo

i see you’re a geology major yaaa? kalau prospect kerja untuk major ini kira-kira apa sih kak?

So many. Too many. Beberapa environmental consultant, geologist (ofc), surveyor, paleontologist, Geotechnical engineering, scientist, researcher, mining. Banyak kok hehe

Tamu manis · 1mo

Dewani, pake kamera apa?

Aku pakai Olympus Pen E-PL5 dan kamera handphone Redmi note, dulu Olympus OMD M10 MARK II

Tamu manis · 1mo

i think i recognise you sebagai pemilik “kedai”, jadi izin follow ya :D i’d also love to enjoy the beautiful pics you tend to post <3

Eh tau aku dari mana? Hahahahaha
Kedai yang mana ya? Hahaha boleh, nanti aku follow back

Kalandra Kafsa · 1mo

Halo, jangan lupa follback ya.

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