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ask me anything! just go wild i guess


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anonymous freak · 15d

I think in a stream recently you mentioned how sex is like incredibly casual and not necessary and honestly mood! It was nice to hear someone with a similar feeling regarding it. (Hopefully I'm remembering right)

yeah - you're remembering correctly! i feel like i could really live without it. i just like doing sexy stuff because it's fun and i love attention! if you told me i could never have sex again or i'd die, i would be like, 100% fine LOL

anonymous freak · 15d

Tummy rubs, a DBD stream, and some warm donuts sound like the perfect way to rest up from the red tide - person also suffering

AmoonyIO · 15d

Sorry your not feeling well. How do tummy rubs sound?

that actually might help a little considering it feels like my lower stomach is being stabbed by 5000 knives ❤️

ADHD_Dum · 15d

hopefully you're not feeling too crummy. You relaxing properly after your streams from your Subathon?

i am! i've been taking it easy the whole week! it's just my period knocking me the FUCK off right now 😵‍💫

anonymous freak · 16d

would you be opposed to people drawing size art of andou...

feel free to! just please make sure you put kink art under the appropriate fanart tag! (#andoussy)

anonymous freak · 27d

What do you think of making asmr mukbang?

the idea has been proposed to me many times before but i'm afraid it's not in the cards for me. i really don't have much of a tolerance for stuffing, and as much as i like a good, big meal, i hate pushing myself to where its uncomfortable. i'm a hedonist, so if it doesn'f feel good i just won't do it!!

anonymous freak · 29d

I wanted to know if you're into D&D at all. I'm putting together a livestream one-shot game with @SquirrelGirlDGT and @krabopolis where I present a fantastical adventure with a lot of expansion/weight gain related elements in it for the players.

I asked them if they knew any other chubby/fat-loving vtubers out there and your name came up.

Would you be interested in playing?

i am into D&D - but my hands are already full with my irl game i do with friends!

this sounds fun, though! i hope you guys have a blast!

anonymous freak · 2mo

Whatchu doin if you eat blueberry gum 😳🥺

anonymous freak · 2mo

not really a question, but i highly recommend hard pretzels with any kind of cheddar or parmesan. It's just a satisfying snack and you cant stooooooop when you start

anonymous freak · 2mo

I'm a Lil tipsy on moonshine cherries so I have to ask... would you rate my tummy? :3c

anonymous freak · 2mo

Yes both my partner and I watched and got off <3 we looooved the strip tease! You're just having so much fun and it's sexy as hell. <3 <3 <3

anonymous freak · 2mo

Thank you for giving my partner and I a good time with your stream last night! We had fun watching <3 we had fun getting off with you!

omg that is really sexy if both you AND your partner get off to my streams...

thank you SO MUCH for watching them - seriously! i really love streaming - i love that i can chat with people casually but also make my pussy explode

anonymous freak · 3mo

first off, sorry it took so long to answer this! i didn't see the notification for it.

as for making domming not sound corny... i don't have any advice because it comes very naturally to me. i think confidence is a huge part of it, though! like, stop thinking "i sound awkward" and start thinking "i'm the sexiest person on planet earth and all should bend to my whims" LMAO

anonymous freak · 2mo

How much do you weigh right now?

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