"... her angel sight saw the good in many devils" 𓏲 ๋࣭ ⭑ ... ‹𝟥

Palace of Versailles ♡
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a tale of the fairies curiousity


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Ayana. · 1y

Hai haiii, namamu Tere pakai Liye nggak?

Haloo!! asdjhds namaku Tere bukan pakai Liye tapi pakai Sha alias Teresha hehehe >< Tapi aku fans berat Tere liye sih.... kalau kamu namanya Ayang bukan (BERCANDA)

Cherie. · 1y

hello, sweetheart! mind to tell me what's the recipe of being this pretty? <3

hi there, love bug! the recipe? I dun have any specific recipe, cause I don't think I'm that pretty. But since you asked all my answer is just self confidence, kind of taking care of yourself and do your best for yourself (loving yourself wholeheartedly). You also need to do that purely from youw miaw miaw (re. heart), sorry if this answer doesn't satisfy your curiosity, my dear sunshine. anyway, it shud be me who asked how to be this adorable, uh?

Nikolaus. · 11 answers · 1y

I think I have a little crush on someone, should I pursue them?

theadora 𖤐 · 15 answers · 1y

hai! good morning beloved person💐🖤 semoga harinya menyenangkan ya! kalian sarapan apa? >____<

Aku hari ini sarapan cake sisa semalemm! masih ada bento cake dua utuh dari temen temen aksahsdj

Essie. · 27 answers · 1y

Who is your #Rolemodel 🤔

Alandrio Kennedy. · 1y

Here I bid my warm greetings to you! Please allow me to shoot a follow on your Retrospring. Have a great day ahead.

Hi there Alandrio..? Pleased to meet you here, Have a wonderful day for you too.

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