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an anonymous cat · 10d

What's the optimal breast size?

an anonymous cat · 16d

What is your honest opinion on fat asses?

i think all farm animals should be kept in a healthy conditions and not overfed, including but not limited to asses

Lian · 33 answers · 18d

If you were an enemy in an rpg, what loot would you drop upon being defeated? Also are you a recurring enemy, one time encounter, or do you simply respawn?

you have to fight me whenever i feel like it throughout the game. i drop nothing most of the time so you simply waste time fighting me but there's a 2% chance i drop an item that wipes your savefile >:3

an anonymous cat · 25d

If they made BRS real what would your inner fighter be like?

what do you mean she's not real, she's literally me
although it's hard describing myself so it's hard to imagine what she'd be like too. i don't like when stuff changes so she'd probably be stubborn, i guess?

Lian · 27 answers · 27d

Oh right, my errand... What were you in the middle of doing when you got hit by the Isekai Truck?

Lian · 28 answers · 1mo

You just got posted! The entire you... However you have to write the alt text on yourself. What would you write?

Lian · 33 answers · 1mo

Scott the Scribbler has come to scribble something into your world. What will you ask Scott to Scribble for you?!

an anonymous cat · 1mo

But the spiral hurts her :( She would go to rehab to break out of it...

no she loves the spiral, she wants to be in it! rehab is meant to take happiness away from kikuri and i can't allow that

an anonymous cat · 1mo

What if Hiroi Kikuri went to rehab for her alcoholism, would you still like her?

i'll always like kikuri
in fact, i'd help her get back into the happiness spiral if such a terrible thing like a rehab happened to her

an anonymous cat · 2mo

I wish I could be just half as cool as you...

am i cool? :0
it really makes me happy if you think so <3 i'm sure you're very cool too!!

Lian · 32 answers · 2mo

Hey pals, I'm going to the gender store, ya'll want anything?

an anonymous cat · 2mo

If you could change one thing in the C programming language, what would it be?

c is literally perfect
maybe just let me write null in lowercase, that'd make it even better

an anonymous cat · 2mo

Do you watch series that are currently airing or do you prefer to watch ones that already aired?

i watch both older and airing shows, sometimes it's really fun to have a show that i like and i can look forward to an episode next week
but overall i think i've liked more of older shows

an anonymous cat · 2mo

Do you wear programming socks?

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