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Anonymous asked 11 days ago

I recently stumbled upon your works in AO3, and they're pretty great. Do you have any advice for people who are new to writing fan fiction?

Thank you! Sure, I have some tips I guess(?), haha, since I've been publishing fic for over a decade—here is a list in no particular order that I have not established prior and am just making up on the spot:

1) Write for yourself first!!! Instant validation and "popularity" is easy to get sucked into (especially when fandom these days is primarily on the same social media sites—namely Twitter and AO3, where numbers are both visible and relevant to how people learn how to find new content, unfortunately) that if you're an anxious person like me, it's easy to get stressed and bogged down by just the awareness of it. So I would say tha


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Anonymous asked 24 days ago

is the nanon girl masturbation thing real? lol

Anonymous asked 27 days ago

i think it's nice that wwx has a small waist and everything but i think lwj is completely into wwx gaining weight and that's exactly what happens once they find some peace and wwx can finally rest and his lifestyle becomes healthier.. lwj gets feral about this new softness around his weiying's waist... ALSO you know wwx would be shameless about it, moaning that he never lost the pregnancy weight after giving birth to a-yuan and lwj gets hard in 0.3 seconds and vows to actually manage to knock up wwx

i have nothing to add op you are so right for this 100000000/10

Anonymous asked 28 days ago

which of your favourite ships do you feel most nostalgic for?

ahhh honestly I feel nostalgic for a lot of my old ships... I think right now it might mostly be kagehina! my losing interest in haikyuu was very much an accident lmao and I still intend to finish it and I miss them so much... I love my little enemies to friends to lovers ships 🥺

Anonymous asked 28 days ago

I've been asked if I'm rEaLly asexual since I read and write smut and yeah karen pretty sure I know myself better than YOU do!!! fuck those shitheads much love to u

aw thank you anon <3 i agree lmao it's like hmm who knows my sexuality better than me... randos who see me posting about my little hyperfixations... or me knowing all my thoughts and experiences and feelings about sex and sexuality and gender... hmmm i wonder....

Anonymous asked 28 days ago

if you ran a fan event what would you do?

HAHA thank you for this question anon even though i have run quite a few fan events <3 the last thing i had been thinking of was a wangxian big bang (sorry to everyone i talked to about it lol)—a bad buddy big bang would be pretty fun if there were more people in the fandom! 🤔 i also think multifandom events are super cool and haven't run one before so that too!

Anonymous asked 28 days ago

do u collect anything?

i used to collect stamps and state coins when my parents were encouraging me to collect stuff as a hobby haha! these days i mostly collect books that i really like (i'm less inclined to buy books i haven't read before) and hmmm i'm not like really dedicated to collectibles but for things i like it's really nice to own them (e.g. the bad buddy boxset that has like photobooks/photo cards lol)

Anonymous asked 28 days ago

what the fuck are these people even trying to do?? "convince" you to taking on a different label? what for?? it's really 100% not their business

i know right sdglkjsg truly love this era of the internet where i have to detail out my entire thought processes and experiences before random anons can consider my lesbianism valid <3

Anonymous asked 28 days ago

you are lovely <3

Anonymous asked 28 days ago

different anon here… there’s really nothing with being bi/being attracted to men. Literally no lesbian is this obsessed with gay men having sex you do realise that it’s pretty obvious someone is attracted to men right…

not sure how ur measuring levels of obsession and how that equates to being attracted to real people lol... obviously i know there's nothing wrong with being bi and i have no idea why ur trying to tell me that i'm not a real lesbian because how i talk about fictional and unattainable men... pls stop trying to assume anything about my personal life by what i talk about on the internet <3 mind ur own business <3 thanks

Anonymous asked 28 days ago

[karen from mean girls voice] if you're a lesbian.... how can your eyes even PERCEIVE men?

actually i think everyone i look at from now on is a lesbian

Anonymous asked 28 days ago

i remember sending you an ahegao!wwx thing on curiouscat & i think it was around the time this website stopped working so i guess you've never read it? i have no idea if that's smth you're into (tbh i would say im usually neutral about it) BUT i just love this idea of wwx being so wrecked by lwj that he makes the weirdest faces when he comes and lwj is super into and wwx is completely unaware he makes those faces

OH probably not... i logged into curiouscat for the first time since it went down yesterday and i don't think i saw it? although i did see someone asking me about pregixan hahaha. but yes i'm into it 👀 and i agree 👀 wwx getting so fucked out that he can't control his facial expressions and doesn't know how desperate/slutty he looks and both his expressions and not being aware of them make lwj even more hot for him 👀👀👀

Anonymous asked 28 days ago

Are you attracted to men? I’m a lesbian too but I really don’t understand how you like imagining gay men f*cking. You tweet like you’re are attracted to them. I really don’t mean to sound rude (:

are you talking about me talking about my fictional ships? or saying that a male celebrity looks good? i also think it's fascinating that you seem to be prescribing some sort of body type to "gay men" and assume my relationship with that body type because i'm a lesbian. sorry my experience with being a lesbian doesn't align with yours and i don't know why it matters to you so much, but yes, i am a lesbian, i have no interest in dating or being intimate with men. you might have to expand your horizons if i'm the first lesbian you've ever encountered who finds the idea of gay men fucking hot lmao

Anonymous asked 30 days ago

I’m curious are you a lesbian? Bc you talk and write about gay sex too much

yes lol i am a lesbian :) that has no bearing on how much i talk or write about gay sex!

Anonymous asked 3 months ago


pat BEST BOY!! icb i saw a jock who's good at math and "acts like a gangster but for the right reasons" and told myself for 9 episodes that he wasn't my favorite 😂😂