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fic prompts for patpran are OPEN, though it may take me a bit!

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questions, anon hate, anon love, prompts (when open), and others are all welcome!


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Anonymous · 1y

Hello, can I just say that your fic site is really pretty and reader-friendly!!

HI ANON omg I didn't check my Retrospring until now but I'm really glad!! I tried really hard to make it as reader-friendly as possible so I'm super happy to hear this <3

Anonymous · 2y

omg nipple play maybe??? because pran big tits tyvm

Anonymous · 1y

what's your fave MAINSTREAM kink

Anonymous · 1y

what’s ur fave niche kink

my FAVE niche kink?????? god i have so many LMAO is it cheating if i just say bdsm as a whole (even though i know that's not that niche comparatively 🙈 i guess i'll also say choking, i'm a real sucker for choking... and... snowballing... and any sort of comeplay.... yeah.

Anonymous · 1y

anon hate welcome?? ok then….. uh. hoo boy this is hard. uh……. u SMELL OF POOPY???? yes done fabulous see you next year

Anonymous · 2y

(1/4 pts)

Pat hurriedly waves his hands between the two of them. "Chill, chill, chill," he starts, "let's get through one week without you two fighting again. You're only dating but you fight so much, it's like you're married! Did I miss the wedding?"

Korn sneers at Wai, who's got his arms crossed. "I can't help it," he says, grabbing Wai by the chin. "This asshole just gets on my nerves so much~!"

Anonymous · 2y

release all of the horny patpran tweets in your drafts

ok tbh it's largely screenshots of old drafts before I deactivated like last week and then I have like forty other patpran thoughts I haven't articulated outside of my dms with some people or at all and just live in my head and I come back to them whenever I'm like. time to think of patpran again. but don't worry you will see most of my horny patpran thoughts in due time 😌 probably. hopefully. can someone do my chem homework for me

ko! · 2y

who do u think would propose first with patpran????:Oc ps ilu mwah

ILU TOO!!! I think pat would propose first but pran would buy a ring first (chronologically but Pat already has a ring when he proposes and pran has been thinking about proposing for a while.) pran says no and pat is crestfallen for a second until pran says, because I wanted to propose to you first asshole??? Pat calls him cruel and pran rolls his eyes and says, I know, so what's your answer? Then pat grins at him and says, yes, okay, fine, I'll marry you

Anonymous · 2y

I have nothing to ask but im a hoe and im giving u attention ❤️

Anonymous · 2y

How do you write a tweet so hot about patpran?

i channel patpran's innermost desires, most of which are horny, and am merely a conduit to verbalize them 🥰

Anonymous · 2y

if you could please send me the link of pran's actor saying pran & pat fucked a lot i would be so grateful

hi anon! it's from the soonvijarn vid here: around the 38:40 mark but i'll post a screencap of the part i'm talking about in reply to this on twitter!

Anonymous · 2y

Hiii!! Since you asked for patpran prompts maybe this if you feel like it! HS Pat who is not in touch with his emotions plays rugby with Pran and realises being tackled by or tackle Pran maybe (definitely) awakens something in him 👀

I also want to add: I love your writing and I am looking forward to any Prompts you write! 💙

Anonymous · 2y

Please please anything where they cuddle a lot coz they needy for each other

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