Akira H. Candrakumara.
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Little foxie. · 1y

Hello, I'm the sender who wanna befriend with you. Soalnya banyak kesamaan. Okay I'll hit you up later, see you Akira.

Little foxie. · 1y

Hi. I kinda wanna get close to you, like, talk to you because we have a lot in common but diskdjejdjrjfjrjdjdjdjd nvm I’m just too shy.

Just appear on my DM, I swear I won't bite. And we'll talk about our similarities together, bet it will be exciting.

Little foxie. · 1y

are you currently setting your eyes on someone? beside karina

Little foxie. · 1y

I know its kinda weird. But are you willing befriend with anyone? Because I want to be your new friend.

ayuna · 7 answers · 1y

if magic were real, would you rather be a healer or a fighter?

Little foxie. · 1y

Nama kamu bagus banget.

Little foxie. · 1y

Aight, baik kalau begitu. Given that I have discovered the answer, permit me to make an attempt to get your attention while remaining at a distance. 😉

Little foxie. · 1y

May I inquire about this? For the time being, do you still have your gaze set on the partner you love?

summer. · 8 answers · 1y

undangan untuk tukeran KKT dengan summer daisy.

[accept] [decline]

Little foxie. · 1y

Setting your eyes on someone, Akira?

Sorry for late replying to your retrospring, but yes I do set my eyes on someone, and she's already mine now.

Little foxie. · 1y

Wdym whose kitten, I thought I'm yours? O.o

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