Here to indulge your insatiable curiosity.

Hopefully in my peaceful state of mind.
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Anonymous Coward · 2mo

Udah gak pernah buka akunmu yang long hiatus itu ya?

Masih doong, kemarin baru telponan juga di sana sama genk yang lama. Mau diajak?

Cher …. ?? Cheeeer ^^ · 9 answers · 3mo

Henlo retro oomfie pls describe @ skeebeedoop in a sentence THANKIES :-)

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

It's not me, I think I accidentally sent the word 'sorry' for liking you, right? Anyway, glad to hear from you, don't forget to rest, okay!

Oh, I remember! And I told you not to say sorry for something like that. It brings me joy to know that someone out there can have feelings for someone like me. I'll ensure to rest well, and I hope you do the same, alright?! If you're a muslim, good luck with your fasting, remember to take your vitamins!

𓆩♡𓆪 · 3mo

Memang boleh baru follow aku begini mas.

Biaggi. · 3mo

Infokan bukber yang menunya menua bersamamu dong.

Julian. · 5 answers · 3mo

Ini topik serius!!!! Knp skrg batagor 5rb cuma dpt 10 biji? 😢✊️

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

Always happy to see you back, I'll be busy here adoring you. 🤪

Eeeey do I go missing that often? But anyway, glad to be back! Please get ready for my unnecessary dumb tweets bickering about my aching back (I feel like I'm turning into a complaining oldie instead of staying young and cool). How's your life doing, dear anon?

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

Hello! Anw still remember me? I sent you 8 months ago about my feelings. How are you Yuyud?

8 months ago... Are you the one who confessed that you are one of my Twitter mutuals and the one who suggested the English exercise? Either way, the time surely flies! I'm doing great now, finally got a job that feels stable enough for the next 10 years. Getting used to a new city is a bit tricky thou, but I'm enjoying the challenge. How about you, dear anon? Any updates to share?

Cher …. ?? Cheeeer ^^ · 11 answers · 5mo

Kaka kaka
Bantu in pr math akuuuuu 😭😭😭😭

Julian. · 4 answers · 3mo

Ada yang punya rekomendaai film horror thriller? 👀

Cher …. ?? Cheeeer ^^ · 6 answers · 6mo

GM aaaalll ^_^ what do you usually have for breakfast plsi meed inspo mumpung masih subuh heeyv

Gua tim telat mulu, jadi terbiasa gak sarapan Cher. Tapi kupat tahu sedap sih kayanya. Gua rec itu deh.

Noah · 4 answers · 5mo

Bagaimana kabarnya sahabat-sahabatku?

Anonymous Coward · 6mo

abang, wya?

Anjrit. (Selain ringkih) apa gua terlalu tua untuk tau istilah jaman sekarang. ITU APA?

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