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theme is being redone slowly but im lazy :3c


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— DEAR VESSEL ♡ · 1mo

ask game / ideas ?

🌈 Ξ : queer headcanon for a character
💟 Ξ : queer identity help or question
💌 Ξ : life update / how are you
🎨 Ξ : art request — not obligated 2 finish
🧩 Ξ : blinkies stamps etc request ⇈
🎫 Ξ : random quote from our media quote bot
🎵 Ξ : song suggestion or song fixation
🪀 Ξ : c.ai related request or question
🎀 Ξ : bundlrs template request
🎬 Ξ : media suggestion or media fixation
👥 Ξ : system specific question

— DEAR VESSEL ♡ · 21h

🎬 Have you ever watched the 1999 movie adaption of The Talented Mr. Ripley? I watched it the other day with my father and its quite amazing in my opinion. I was in suspense the entire 2nd half of the film, the storytelling is excellent. If you haven't watched it, it's available on Hulu and some others.

traves · 2d

Hi again!!! Um. Sorry if this is rude to ask but ?? can you be a cis/trans man and be a lesboy?? :( This isnt for a character i just wanna know,

— DEAR VESSEL ♡ · 23d

you are my dad (youre my dad) boogie woogie oogie

— DEAR VESSEL ♡ · 27d

im nto 100% sure what u mean by thsi im not smart !!! theyre both fragments w/o much to say abt them .
kitty is an introj of yuki takeya from gakkou gurashi & amie is an introj of aoi mukou from you and me and her. kitty is dormant & amie is very inactive but occasionally comes close 2 front shrugs. amie holds apathy & stuff iirc she hasn't fronted in awhile .

— DEAR VESSEL ♡ · 27d

i know you dont play regretevator but is canon mspec thought that was a cool detail ok bye

( but bive* sorry i sent too fast ) ↵

mspec le- gets shot /J ANYWAYS WOOOOOOOOO /REF shoutout 2 ppl that just use umbrella terms like mspec thts so cool of her . we need 2 plya more regretevator kicks rock only played it like once

+。:.゚Clown .:。+゚ · 3 answers · 29d

i just saw someone on j.ai use a cursive font for the entire description 😭🙏

traves · 1mo

trying one more time .. 💟 you can be he/him lesbian yes ? i need to make sure ..

srry retrospring never notifies us WAAA
anyways yes !!! u can id as lesbian & use any prns ^_^ lesbians who exclusively use he/him r awesom Explosion sfx

— DEAR VESSEL ♡ · 1mo

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— DEAR VESSEL ♡ · 1mo

🪀 idk how this one works how does this work

⠀⠀⠀⠀ଘ( ཫ . ᵔ )⠀ノ · 4 answers · 1mo

Does anyone wanna get assigned a ptv song (most likely will be random . .)

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