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Anonymous Coward · 8mo

I think I have a crush on you!

Thank you! I appreciate your honesty and your courage in sharing your feelings with me. Have a nice day, dear sender!

Anonymous Coward · 8mo

kok bs kocak trs si

Anonymous Coward · 8mo

oomf gw naksir (kayaknya) tapi liat besok dah

Anonymous Coward · 8mo

Boleh naksir ga ya

Anonymous Coward · 8mo

Kamu selalu lucu.

Lucu soalnya lagi stress nder (coping mechanism). Nevertheless, I will take that as a compliment, thank you sender!

Anonymous Coward · 9mo

I have a crush on you :)

I would be honored and flattered to hear that. Thank you for taking the time to write to me and share your feelings, and thank you for the bravery and honesty. Please don't hesitate to reach out, whenever you ready. Have a good day ahead! :)

Anonymous Coward · 9mo

couldn’t help but notice you’ve scarcely appear on the timeline. granted, your account is broken, but the moon is high and round and bright; hope you’re realize you’re just the same. bright. have a sweet day/afternoon/night!

Thank you for your kind words! I'm sorry that I haven't been able to appear on the timeline much, but I'm glad to hear that the moon is bright and high in the sky. I appreciate your comparison of me to the moon and hope that I can be a source of light and comfort to you just as the moon is. I hope that you have a wonderful day or night as well, and that you continue to find joy and inspiration in the little things around you, just like the moon and the stars.

Marvin Alexander · 9mo

Funfact yang orang lain gatau

Anonymous Coward · 9mo

hi, forgive my tardiness for the word i promise to deliver every day. so here a word for you: all my admiration for you is all yours to keep. keep me in a secluded pocket of your life, would you? in that way you can always be reminded that you are admirable, and that you shine brighter than the star itself

Hello, dear sender. I'm sorry for my tardiness in responding, but I assure you that your word has now been delivered. And no need to apologize! You are clearly someone with a deep capacity for empathy and a desire to uplift others, aren’t you? I'd be glad to keep that word from you close to my heart, and carry it with me throughout my day. It's a beautiful sentiment that speaks to the admiration and respect you have for me. You truly are admirable and shine brighter than the stars themselves. I wish you a good day ahead! I hope your day is as bright and radiant as you are!

Anonymous Coward · 9mo

lu lucu dah. suka lewat tl gw pdhl ga followan trs ujung2nya gw stalk. gw lg stress seketika terhibur sm tweet lu. makasih lelaki penghibur

Anonymous Coward · 9mo

What was the best thing you've eaten so far?

Airuz · 6 answers · 9mo

These days, I've been enjoying slice-of-life movies more than I expected. Since I want to watch more of them, can you please suggest three of your favorites movies from this genre?

Pesbukers, sama tendangan si madun noh lu tonton sampe pemilu juga bisa kagak abis abis. Hmm, abang jarang nonton yang genrenya slice of life gitu, tapi I highly recommend you to watch “A Man Called Otto” sama “Brooklyn Nine Nine”

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