Anonymous Coward asked about 1 year ago

Hello! Sorry if this is a silly question, but I'm a little confused about the writer application - for the portfolio, is that just a link to a collection of multiple works? Like should I put a link to my ao3 account, for example? I guess I'm just a little confused because the application form doesn't seem to explain what the portfolio is for!

Hello, don't worry, it's not a silly question at all!

For the writer application, like you mentioned, a portfolio can be a link to your Ao3 account! It can even be other things like a Twitter moments link, a Google Drive folder, or a masterthread of all your works. Whichever is best for you! There are lots of options you can use, but it's just basically a place where the mods can review other works that you may not have included in your required examples if needed. :)

We hope that answers your question! 💫

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