Burning Down the House

did homestuck

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Anonymous Reader · 2mo

Post-Retcon Terezi eyes in the update.

good catch, i just lifted it directly from the taste of adventure anniversary pages. fixed, thanks for letting me know!

Anonymous Reader · 2mo

The Damara plotline being something that coalesced during a fever dream is honestly a very Damara thing to have happen.
That said, is there a non-diegetic reason for not reviving Eridan? (I'm about 95% sure there is, and I'm 98% sure what it is if so, but I'm still curious.)

Anonymous Reader · 2mo

so i watched the [S] Act 2 flash last week for the first time and just wanted to say i'm really excited for whatever it is that'll be going on with Damara from the 1 scene we saw her ^u^ (and also that i love so damn much the way you draw her)

thank you!!!!!!!! i'm so excited for her stuff, it's some of the stuff i'm most excited for in act 2. i had a blast discovering it (this is the phrasing i am going to use for a several months long fever dream in which her plot coalesced) and i'm so exciting to draw it too

Anonymous Reader · 2mo

what are nepetas pronouns?

Anonymous Reader · 3mo

will you ever consider adding an rss feed to bdth?

Anonymous Reader · 3mo

Re. previous answer: If you revive Nepeta, will you kill her at least once more? >:33

Anonymous Reader · 4mo

Ok since nepeta head has been recovered is there hope for the other sprite components to be retrieved and perhaps revived

Anonymous Reader · 4mo

So regarding the newest update: maybe I've just forgotten what happened when we were with Vriska back in Canon, but...why did Vriska have a meltdown?

Anonymous Reader · 5mo

What's the thought process behind making your author-insert part of the Pyscholonials universe, besides just the idea of both projects (Burning Down the House and Psycholonials) being "post-homestuck" projects?

Anonymous Reader · 5mo

Are you also a CS nerd, I got the Lisp reference (Lisp sweep).

Oasis Nadrama · 6mo

"Most interesting of all to you, poindexter, is that it resembles IRC. You suspect it may even be built atop IRC directly"

Was this line of Eternal September a direct reference to the fact the real-life Pesterchum made by fans was a kind of elaborate IRC skin?

yeah sort of! it's definitely a little bit of a goof about that. it's one of my favorite facts, it's peak homestuck fandom to me. its genuinely very cool!

but more narratively speaking, it's also in part to sort of build a timeline. i can't speak for everyone, but at least for me, "the past" tends to get flattened into one big blob of "the past", especially stuff before 2000, and so putting down these waypoints like "irc exists and is very familiar in 1993" can help paint a fuller picture

Anonymous Reader · 6mo

am I missing a reference when Roxy says "TG: omffg snoop dogg?"

in late summer of 1993, snoop dogg was arrested for murder, he wasn't acquitted until 1996. some sources say this was late august, some say it was early september. i'm not great at doing this kind of research so there's probably a correct date that i failed to find, but that is in fact what the refrance.

Anonymous Reader · 7mo

what was the deal with the "I'm you from the future" and "you made it" bits in reference to dave's time travel, that reference went completely over my head

oh man, this is way older than i thought it was. this comic of some lame youtubers was a pretty easy punching bag for a while on account of like, heartstrings-tugging youtuber fandoms being the lowest of the low


that inevitably got mixed in with this other comic, the other lowest of the low: relationship cuteness wholesome comics.


and it changed history, and also, my vocabulary, forever

Anonymous Reader · 7mo

when will the main story continue? :)

soon! it's sooner rather than later. there's some collaborations that are taking a while because people are busy! everyone i collaborate with has their own stuff to do, and i don't have any desire to push people to rush for me, when collaborations like this happen because the people involved want to do so. it's definitely taking longer than i expected, but i hope the results are worth it.

act 2 will start and continue on with a bang regardless.

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