Nameless Grub asked 13 days ago

Do you have any thoughts or opinions on writing workshops, or some advice on how somebody who's trying to get better at writing can structure it so they aren't just flayling around?

Also some fanart lead me to check out Serious Weakness but it's Girls and holy shit did it whip. Perfect and horrid little embryonic companion piece. Thank you for sharing it! (And Serious Weakness!)

i think a lot of workshops are cons that teach a supremacist way of writing for other authors (middle-upper class lit cult). encouragement from other writers and learning together is good tho, if you can find a natural social context. but everything i learned i learned on my own from reading + trying to create Effects. if you know the effect you want to create, and are sincere in that pursuit, you learn. an effect could be tension, arousal, fear. i open my entire body to it. structure is a supereffect made of many effects that chase like music. reverse engineer what you love. no one can teach you what you need better than you.

thank you so much yesss embyronic <333 i’m glad both can exist….girls deserve to be seriously weak too…2023…

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