anon asked 9 months ago

fav books!

first title that immediately popped up off the top of my head is deluge by leila chatti - a poetry book that i still carry in my heart :") others are six crimson cranes by elizabeth lim; the sword of kaigen by m.l. wang (an ABSOLUTE fave. especially with the characters and the entire story itself); mary oliver's blue iris and house of light; almond by sohn won-pyung; smaller and smaller circles by f.h batacan.. and for mangas: shirahama kamome's witch hat atelier, tatsuki fujimoto's chainsaw man, yuki suetsugu's chihayafuru and misaki takamatsu's skip to loafer !! (thank you for letting me indulge on answering this question fksjdjs reminds me that i still have many books in my tbr i've yet to start.. if u have any book recs too lmk !!) <33

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