Lingering on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty.

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Jace · 2 answers · 2d

If you were to introduce yourself with a song or album, what would it be?

Jace · 2 answers · 2mo

What would you like to tell your past self from 5 years ago?

Jace · 2 answers · 2mo

Recommend me sci-fi or mystery movies/series to watch, please?

Jace · 4 answers · 2mo

Saran stok indomie rasa apa aja untuk bulan ini.

Jace · 8 answers · 2mo

Tell me that one random quote that lives in your mind rent free! It could be from a book, movie, series, or anything.

Jace · 3 answers · 3mo

Tell me one small thing that made you happy this week.

Jace · 5 answers · 3mo

If you could be a non-living item for a day, what would you be?

Jace · 4 answers · 4mo

Guys ada tips and trick nyuci sepatu putih jadi putih lagi ga? Punyaku kena banjir jadi kuning (sedih).

Jace · 3 answers · 5mo

Do you read webtoon? If yes, please recommend me anything.

Jace · 2 answers · 5mo

Menurut kalian spongebob itu bersyukur ga bukan tinggal di dapur.

Jace · 1 answer · 5mo

How do you improve your attention span or how do you make yourself focus?

Jace · 5 answers · 5mo

Battle of the century! What’s the best indomie flavor?

Jace · 3 answers · 5mo

Recommend me your favorite beverage or dessert to cheer your day up, please.

Jace · 2 answers · 6mo

If you were to be given the chance to go back in the past for a day, which year would you go to and why?

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