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behind the scenes with her I'm playing 21 questions


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the f00fy one · 26 answers · 1mo

Do your friends rely on you for tech support, or are you usually the one who needs tech support?

Neither? All of my friends are decently tech savvy, and so am I, so like we kinda just fix all our problems on our own.

the f00fy one · 24 answers · 2mo

Those of you who use Linux: What was your first Linux distribution, and what was your experience like?

Those of you who don't use Linux: What is your impression of Linux, based on the information you currently have? Would you ever consider using Linux as the operating system on your main PC?

Those who don't know what I'm talking about: What is the primary device you use to access the Internet?

I'm a normie, my first distro was ubuntu. 16.04 lts! I still miss unity DE. I use debian now, and have for 2 years. It's comfy. Anyway, my experience with ubuntu 16.04 was very brief because I borked it a couple days after installing it lol. But I /really/ enjoyed using it in the short time I did! It was snappy and responsive compared to windows 10 on my, at the time, very shitty hardware. I liked that unity could be themed way more than windows' dwm could be. It was way better on my battery too! Overall it ran very well in the maybe a week that I used it for.

Kiwu :< · 2mo

what's your favorite show and why?

the f00fy one · 23 answers · 2mo

What was your favorite April Fools content this year?

None of them. Though that thing from last year's april fools day was fun

freaky little lurker · 2mo

What is your favourite animal?

the f00fy one · 14 answers · 2mo

I've remade my about page! What do you think, and do you have any suggestions for cool things I could add now that I can use CSS?

Epsi · 21 answers · 2mo

If you were a doggo, what breed of doggo would you be? 🐾

Chihuahua all the way 100%. Ok maybe not 100%, I wouldn't mind being a dachshund or beagle either.

the f00fy one · 27 answers · 2mo

Which of the following do you give?
1. a shit
2. a fuck
3. a piss
4. a damn
5. up

Kiwu :< · 4 answers · 2mo

What was your first impression of me vs what you think of me now?

First impression was like... "genuine in a weird way" but "weird" as a good thing. What I think of you now is the exact same lol, but add "funny" onto the end.

freaky little lurker · 2mo

u gotta listen to smiling broadly theyre one of my fav music artists ever
if you dont like their music ill be sad (like this --> ╯︿╰)

Kiwu :< · 2 answers · 2mo

well I left fedi to escape all the drama but it seems like there's way more drama on here so I think I'm gonna leave here too for the time being :')

I hope your break goes well! I'll see ya on the forum hopefully (if I remember to keep checking it lol)

Kiwu :< · 3 answers · 3mo

What are you guys fave hobbies to do offline?

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