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Anonymous Coward · 10mo

Hi there, Agam! I’m sorry if this question might cause a bit inconvenience to you, are you currently into relationship nowadays? Thank you beforehand, have a nice day!

Just check my retrospring again after a while, I'm sorry for late replying to this question. For now, I don't think I want to engage myself into any relationship other than being friends. But we'll just see.

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

how's day?

Faleradi · 2 answers · 11mo

HAIIIIIII kangen buka retrospring. So how was your day, guys?

Faleradi · 3 answers · 11mo

Kalian kalau galau ngapain?

Ngajak temen nongkrong without telling them what happened, tidur, atau jalan jalan sendiri buat me time.

Cherie. · 8 answers · 12mo

what's your type of a gf / bf?

The hyperactive one, karena gue orang yang cukup pendiem dan agak cuek. Biasanya gue ngikutin sifat orangnya, kalau dia antusias biasanya gue ikut antusias.

Cherie. · 7 answers · 12mo

what's your favorite song to hear recently?

Anonymous Coward · 12mo

May I get to know you better? I'm curious about you

if what you mean is to know me better as a friend, I'm open with everyone since I have zero friend here.

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