hi im lin, aka dollcrds on youtube! this is where u can request tutorials or ask me anything carrd related … i will do my best to help :3

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request tutorials or ask for carrd help!


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dollcrds #1 fan · 12h

could you do a pro standard tutorial on https://pin.it/52vRLoR0N? thank u sm

dollcrds #1 fan · 22h

Hi! Do you have any pro templates?

dollcrds #1 fan · 1d

TYSM 😭😭 doing th walk of shame back over, could i get a copy of this one instead..... https://mylittlepony.crd.co/ IM SO SORRY I FEEL BAD

dollcrds #1 fan · 2d

Hiii! can i have copies of these carrd pls if you still have them ofc! https://twitter.com/buncrds/status/1548397246676316161?s=20 https://tokiiro.crd.co/ + https://aldn.crd.co/ my email is [email protected] SORRY I FEEL SO BAD 4 ASKING BC I ASKED FOR ONE A LITTLE BIT AGO IM SO BAD AT CODING SOMETIMES 😭😭

hii i sent the aldn one! for the buncrds one i dont have the carrd anymore & im pretty sure angeidiarys doesnt allow copies being sent of their designs :3 ALSO NO WORRIES i really dont mind at all ^^

dollcrds #1 fan · 3d

okay i accepted! im so sorry for asking for too much😭😭

dollcrds #1 fan · 3d

hi yes! i sent 2 but i dont have enough space in my dashboard to make copies of all 4 so once u accept them just send another retrospring and i will transfer the rest ^^

dollcrds #1 fan · 4d

hi! do you think its possible to make a pro-standard ver of this crd? https://pin.it/5dEStSDQC

hii i would but the creator is selling that carrd here https://carrd.co/dashboard/account/inventory/buy/688889dd580bed3d and does comms on https://danielle.ju.mp/ (which means she doesnt allow tuts but u can comm him to make a pro standard version for u!)

dollcrds #1 fan · 4d

Hi! Can you make a tutorial [non-pro] for this carrd please?
where the scroll and buttons can be like this https://pin.it/udTd80hua
Thanks in advance and I hope you have a good day! Only if it's possible tho

hii the first two pins arent working and also i dont turn pro carrds into non pro :( unless there is already an inspo for it!! feel free to send another req tho i dont have many atm ^^

dollcrds #1 fan · 6d

Hi! Can you make a tutorial for this carrd please?
Thanks in advance, and wishing you a wonderful day!

hii im actually not sure how crdais made certain parts of this carrd layout so i think it would be better to ask mya for a tutorial! (theyre an admin on @/lovjbini)

dollcrds #1 fan · 12d

hii so i actually just found out carrdmestre doesnt allow tuts on their carrds so i will refrain from making them for the time being^^

dollcrds #1 fan · 14d

hii, can i request a tut for this crd :

hii if u get permission from the creator first and get back to me then yes! (ik thats kinda annoying but ive been having some issues with who allows what carrd tutorials to be made)

dollcrds #1 fan · 10d

hiii in response to this pro plus is good! hii in response to the tokiiro crd tut! pro is fine! thank you so much :D — yes but which pro plan😭 pro plus or pro standard? https://retrospring.net/@dollcrds/a/112372759620998780

dollcrds #1 fan · 5d

I'm so sorry I sent forgot the second page https://pin.it/6PRwMGxOk
Is it possible to make it or just put the information/page in a normal type of text box instead of making it a scrollable one?

If ever you do plan on making a tut on this carrd, I completely understand if you deny this req.

  • (continuing from last retrospring answer) if u need help remaking this carrd or want some ideas on how to make it nonpro just lmk! the pink scrollable text boxes can be made using the captions option on the gallery element for example^^ (obviously without the scroll)
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