I am not here. I am only in your imagination.

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Anonymous Cat · 3d

can we watch concert tgt?

Depending on whose concert it is because besides NCT, I only have aespa’s and The Weeknd’s in mind.

Anonymous Cat · 5d

Post more selfie please

Anonymous Cat · 10d

what’s do you seek in a partner?

Anonymous Cat · 8d

pernah bawa hubungan dari ca ke rl ga?

Not the previous one but the three before that, yes. I have been open about it by posting the dates I went to on my account.

Anonymous Cat · 10d

Tips temenan sama mantan dong

Jujur nggak tau sih nder. Saking udah menormalisasi pertemanan, sampai lupa dulu pernah pacaran. 😂

Anonymous Cat · 9d

sok ganteng bgt sih lo

Gue emang ganteng kali. Mungkin selera lu aja yang bukan gue. Have you ever thought about that? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Anonymous Cat · 14d

masih boleh panggil dalton?

Anonymous Cat · 11d

kak, what did you study in college? is it something related to your job now? i've been wanting to apply for remote tech jobs as well!!

I graduated from English Language and Literature major, minoring in Literature. My current job at the remote company is Business Development actually. No relation whatsoever to my major lmao. The key to being a BusDev is not being embarrassed easily since you are required to initiate a conversation with strangers. I started off as an intern, and then you can definitely widen your horizon once you acquired the experience. Most of my jobs were found on LinkedIn, so try to be active there by requesting connections to important people. Hope this helps!

Anonymous Cat · 14d

Wait! You’re minheng? As in minhengii?

Anonymous Cat · 15d

Pacaran ya sama hana?

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Anonymous Cat · 19d

apasih enaknya haidilao ryu? suka banget kesitu kayaknya

It’s a matter of taste, no? My friends don’t like going there because they prefer grilled meat. I personally like the mala schezuan soup, so I try to go to HDL as often as I can for that soup.

Anonymous Cat · 20d

HIIII might be random and absurd but your account accidentally passed thru my timeline and i cant help to think that you're such a cutie. that's it, toodles!

Now that you say this, I am checking my own timeline and dare I say that I am nowhere close to the definition of ‘cute’. Absurd? Yes. Cute? I don’t think so. Thank you for the compliment though…

Anonymous Cat · 19d

Hey ryu! Do you currently set your eyes on someone?

Anonymous Cat · 28d

kakak lucu banget deh. semangat terus ya kak

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