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Anonymous Catto asked about 6 hours ago

I’m confused… lia publicly said she doesn’t know what you guys are and will go no contact as soon as you’re safe. How does that make you good friends? No hate just wondering

Anonymous Catto asked about 6 hours ago

sure people check your patreon but apparently its still not enough for you so you have to beg others for money online, so who's really boo boo the fool? :(((((

I'm not the one sitting here sending people anon messages because I'm butthurt, so, I'd say you, boo boo.

Anonymous Catto asked about 11 hours ago

that hit me right in the meow meow!

Thank It makes me feel weird tbh that I'm actually .... looked up to? I'm just some normal girl ;_________; but in any case it means the world to me; thank you. 💕💕💕💕💕💕 I hope life throws you even better, better, BETTER things than that it throws at me! I hope life gently yeets you the nicest most amazing things it has to offer at you <3

Anonymous Catto asked about 10 hours ago

Hi Caroline I never knew you personally but am friends with people who were closer to you. I think the amount of terminally online and let's be honest, severely mentally ill people attacking you is just insane. I think it's a mark of privilege that these people have such few actual problems in their lives that the worst thing they need to address is convincing some "bigot" to kill themselves. Stay strong. You have people who support you amidst this madness.

Thank you friendly anon catto. It's nice to have a kind word here and there amidst every other mean comment from bitter babies. Perhaps we could be friends? My DMs are open, feel free to hit me up any time if you are comfy!!

Anonymous Catto asked about 10 hours ago

Have fun spending your life with a racist, hopefully you’ll realise your mistake sooner rather than later, there’s someone better out there for you, you broke up before it’ll happen again I’m sure, just don’t go dragging the whole ass FF14 community in your drama again

I don't owe "the whole ass FF14 community" anything, first of all. I owe MY community things. and MY community is all I care about. If you aren't in it? Go fuck yourself.

Anonymous Catto asked about 8 hours ago

.....and I show up on your timeline, and it gives me attention, and people check my patreon and sub,

thanks for keeping the wheel turning, cog.

Anonymous Catto asked about 7 hours ago

"I'll always be in his corner, but I will never stand by his ideals."
You are supporting his ideals by being with him. Someone who stands by someone who says the disgusting stuff that he does, is an enabler. Please stop damaging your mental health.

Anonymous Catto asked 10 days ago

I may not support what you did and said in the past but I genuinly feel sorry seeing what some people write here. I hope you find happiness again - breakups are always hard and you are handeling it with immense grace. I wish you the best 💕

Thank you. Regardless of the support, I appreciate the sympathy, because that's what really counts at the end of the day; saying: hey, I don't like this person, but what's being done to her isn't that cool either-- that's shitty, stop. That means a lot, so thank you. Even if it's just on Anon, it doesn't take away from it for me at all.

Anonymous Catto asked 9 days ago

You are good enough and anyone who makes you feel otherwise has their own demons to battle. I hope that you one day find the strength to love yourself unconditionally because you deserve to feel worthy and whole no matter who stands at your side.

Anonymous Catto asked 9 days ago

Thank you. I've decided to stop answering some questions because they're obviously just baits to hurt me from people who don't understand the whole story. Anyone with any questions has every right to DM me and ask, and I will happily answer, but as of now, I'm done.

I'm glad you appreciate my work, and whoever you are, I appreciate you. You're good enough, as are we all.

Anonymous Catto asked 1 day ago

The people that spew shit on here are insane. Half of them are probably the same 2-3 people. Y'all need to touch some grass or something. Happy you're still here with us Caro

Anonymous Catto asked 1 day ago

do you not notice how you’re the one subjecting yourself to constant backlash and hate? how you’re the only one defending yourself and your relationship? how nyaughty isn’t constantly priding himself on being with you? while youre still scum you should consider that youre ruining your social life for the wrong piece of shit lol

Sorry, he's the man I love and I'm not going to come on here and go

OMG I HATE NYAUGHTY FUCK NYAUGHTY EW EW EW NYAUGHTY so I get +1 kudos with you guys when at the end of the day HE is who I want to build a life with; not whoever tf you are.

Anonymous Catto asked about 22 hours ago

Why did you and Lia stop being friends?

We didn't. We're still friends, good friends. Mii and I stopped being friends, for her own mental wellbeing.

Anonymous Catto asked about 16 hours ago

nyaughty took you back huh? you do know if and when you get to greece he's probably going to dump you again and this time you'll be trapped in greece instead of wherever you are now. its very apparent that he uses you, even seeing him laugh at the advice people were sending you in your discord is evidence that he's only interested in himself lol well good luck you're going to need it

I'd rather be trapped in Greece with him than in Brazil with a woman who punches me, gave me a bloodied nose and lip, regularly berates my appearance, makes me cry every single day, etc.

Thanks though.

Anonymous Catto asked about 12 hours ago

Not a question, I just want to say that you don't deserve all this hate and people need to go outside and touch grass, how can people be so angry about a fucking video game, and your relationship with nya people don't have a right to tell you you're better off etc they do not know what you both are like behind closed doors. i hope you pay no heed to all the negativity because you're great <3

I try to not pay any heed but it's hard, since I'm only human. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so it was easier to just ignore. I try my best though. I really do, to not let it get to me, get under my skin, make me feel anything; I'm numbed to the point where its a bit easier for me, but I know many others who would NOT be able to handle this and this is not okay to do to anyone.

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