Beans Von Meow Meow (Cawo)

My CuriousCat replacement.

Find me exclusively on XMA.

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Anonymous Catto · 7mo

hope you have permanent knee damage

Anonymous Catto · 6mo

You know she's taking mad shit about you now right? Whoregoblin I mean

Anonymous Catto · 7mo

Cawo Cawo. Yes Papa?

Begging for money again Cawo? No Papa.

Spent rent money on drugs again Cawo? No Papa.

Telling lies again Cawo? No Papa.

Why is there cocaine on your nose Cawo?

Anonymous Catto · 6mo

i thought you didnt ban ppl yet you banned whore lmaooooo way to go back on your word AGAIN

I didn't ban her, I kicked her bc I was too lazy to remove perms. She can rejoin if she wants, idc, but that kick was strike 1.

Anonymous Catto · 7mo

why did you tell people about the dmca? it gives them time to prepare, keep quiet is a silent bullet that hits them out of nowhere and doesnt even tie you to it, leaving you unhated

Anonymous Catto · 7mo

What do you do for a living?

Last few months I sat around- tried but didn't have the drive to work. Got some Ritalin because Brazil and so now I'm currently I'm resuming my work. Truly appreciate the value of chemicals, this stuff took me from meh to LET'S GO MANNNNN

Anonymous Catto · 7mo

Are you afraid of going outside at night?

Magnai · 9mo

This community can scream and cry but they'll not change me lol. I play the silly "I care even though my job isn't political" game on alt, on main I'm just gonna always be honest about shit. Didn't hurt me at peak, took a break, doubtful it'll hurt me when the climb is like 3 steps given what I've seen on xma and tgd I didn't even post on /before/ they got butthurt about me so lmao. Useless slow site.

Anonymous Catto · 9mo

donating 41% like wtf? You know thats a dog whistle for anti trans right? And how exactly are you going to verify someone is trans? This really REALLY is coming off like a big anti trans troll, you might want to rework it some if you're not trying to attack trans folks.

41% = the amount ppl say trans suicide is at
i dont have to verify, the trevor proj does that for me, you're retarded

Anonymous Catto · 10mo

Have you ever pet a bunny?

Anonymous Catto · 10mo

How often do you cook?

Generated question for the rude person with many doubtful friends.

Off of anon or DM me. You want something publicized yet you won't even share your name.

Show me a moment of blatant dishonest behavior on my end that would even require me to oblige you and your one friend.

And do use your name next time. I have the second best phone on the market, I hardly see why quality would be an issue. I do strive for good quality in all I do, after all.

Anonymous Catto · 10mo

can u add Liarbility to ur E-Book Document?
It's just kind of hard to sift through your server and the document is much more pleasant to read

Sure, I'll do that sometime next week as I'm getting rent paid with the money from fixing that jokers broken stuff. Kind of need to prio that but once I'm done should not be hard to get some bits from our chat log (she deleted discord but I knew she would so I image saved it all elsewhere beginning to end; took almost all day. I'll likely just link the entire thing, I've never had anything to hide. If I did the last thing I'd have done is openly told people of my aspd

Anonymous Catto · 10mo
Anonymous Catto · 10mo

Also do you have any mod recommendations from Sel that are not QoS/snow bunny fetish shit? Because that's all I've seen from them.

His bikini set is beautifully made, same method I used on my own "squish" I suspect. His body is great and his skin stuff is a god send. Check out his page, you may just be surprised and find something that you like!

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