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My CuriousCat replacement.

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Anonymous Catto asked 15 days ago

Have you ever pet a bunny?

Anonymous Catto asked 4 days ago

How often do you cook?

Generated question for the rude person with many doubtful friends.

Off of anon or DM me. You want something publicized yet you won't even share your name.

Show me a moment of blatant dishonest behavior on my end that would even require me to oblige you and your one friend.

And do use your name next time. I have the second best phone on the market, I hardly see why quality would be an issue. I do strive for good quality in all I do, after all.

Anonymous Catto asked 13 days ago

can u add Liarbility to ur E-Book Document?
It's just kind of hard to sift through your server and the document is much more pleasant to read

Sure, I'll do that sometime next week as I'm getting rent paid with the money from fixing that jokers broken stuff. Kind of need to prio that but once I'm done should not be hard to get some bits from our chat log (she deleted discord but I knew she would so I image saved it all elsewhere beginning to end; took almost all day. I'll likely just link the entire thing, I've never had anything to hide. If I did the last thing I'd have done is openly told people of my aspd

Anonymous Catto asked 8 days ago
Anonymous Catto asked 8 days ago

Also do you have any mod recommendations from Sel that are not QoS/snow bunny fetish shit? Because that's all I've seen from them.

His bikini set is beautifully made, same method I used on my own "squish" I suspect. His body is great and his skin stuff is a god send. Check out his page, you may just be surprised and find something that you like!

Anonymous Catto asked 22 days ago

but try again

Anonymous Catto asked 22 days ago

nah sorry gurl, you answered too late. someone else called me worm and made me cum faster

Anonymous Catto asked 21 days ago

We're still waiting on the receipt for Misters surgery cawo.

Anonymous Catto asked 18 days ago

É assim meu doce: eu sei onde vc mora. Eu sei tudo sobre vc, ok? Quer que eu te encontre? Posso mandar a polícia revistar sua casa, o que é que eles vão encontrar? Fica brincando de santinha mas seu cérebro já está todo fodido de droga, sem falar dos outros crimes. Fica quietinha que não acontece nada, ok?

Anonymous Catto asked 18 days ago

Quer ser meu animal de estimação?

Anonymous Catto asked 16 days ago

major praline said that porting is harder than making custom mods is that true or is he just huffing copium because he only does ports?

porting can be harder when you have to remake the entire asset bc its garbage lol so def not a lie on that one, depends on the asset tbh

Anonymous Catto asked 15 days ago

whats the most underrated thing that a partner can do that means everything to you


send me goodmorning and goodnight messages - cute ones every now and then, just a normal gn or gm, i love you on the day to day is nice. random lil messages through out the day "youre on my mind, i love you" doesnt have to be any deeoer right then and there tbh

Anonymous Catto asked 22 days ago

What is the best fast food chain?

There's this really nice place, where I eat the flesh of my enemies and drink the blood of their unborn children? It is amazing but I forgot its name. Sorry.

Anonymous Catto asked about 1 month ago

r u rly going to toss ur friends under the bus for money? mii etc

I have no idea what you're talking about. And me friendships with me friends are private. get it, Me; Mii.

Anonymous Catto asked 26 days ago

lmao the artist has four times the followers you have, you think your 7k makes you a queen. you saw their 31k followers and thought provoking them into replying would get you attention. they arent even an ff14 creator. i bet you also knew they were followed by lia and sosick, and its literally the reason you decided to bait a random person who didnt know you existed, isnt part of the sick fandom youre in and just wants to do art in peace.

You're really looking into this like extremely deeply, I legit thought it was AI LOL

If you want an apology, you're not getting one. I apologize to no one even if I am wrong. Especially not to some stupid little fan.

Be very very popular you say artist though, they are most welcome to contact me I bet that would give me clout. You seem to imply they did though I already respond? Eh, Whatever you're too invested and this isn't worth the words. For the record I use speech to text because I don't like typing to dumbasses.

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