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Nonny · 3mo

Who is the most famous person you have met?

Hard to say, Nonny. I've been to a lot of conventions (pre-COVID and a few since). I've been lucky to meet most of the cast of Torchwood and Warehouse 13. I've met Billie Piper and Patrick Stewart.

My partner and former roommates were also independent wrestlers (not famous), and they've worked with people like Billy Gunn, Tommy Dreamer, Ricky Steamboat, and Victoria.

But I think the most widely recognizable is that I was lucky enough to get a picture with Stan Lee a couple of years before he passed.

Nonny · 3mo

How did you get intrigued by Dragon Age? Which game was the first Dragon Age game you played?

My partner started the obsession!

I went a long time without playing video games and the last game I'd played was FFX. My partner tried to get me to play Skyrim and that.... that went terribly. I was convinced I couldn't play new games and was a terrible gamer~

So he popped DA:O into the 360 (which was old but not that old at the time) and was like "Here. This is more linear. You're going to love it."

He was not wrong! I played two games back to back, and DA:I was released shortly after I finished my second playthrough, so I jumped to it.

I played DA2 after that and took several years before I joined the fandom.

Nonny · 3mo

What is your favourite video game?

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